>The BBQ’s out again


Thanks untuk semua yang mendoakan supaya Miss 6 segera sembuh. Alhamdulillah, she’s getting there slowly. Petang tadi dah mula boleh jalan2 around the back buat egg hunting dengan Miss 10 and dinner tadi pun dah mula ada selera. The Other Half and I kata her tummy’s gone down a bit bila 2 hari lebih takde selera nak makan sebab batuk2, hikhikhik…. But her eyes still takde sparkle like normal bila dia senyum.

IMG_2539 - Copy

And with Miss 2-weeks-to-11 masa hunting for chocolate eggs petang tadi.


They found 4 Kinder Surprises, loads of mini cadbury choc eggs and 1 big choc bunny hidden in the backyard tadi. If we were to let them just now, memang they would have eaten all at one go tadi but since Miss 6 masih tak sihat lagi kan, they were only allowed 1 choc egg aje tadi, hehehehe…

And after weeks of not BBQing, tadi we all pun berBBQ lah. Tengok Mamak n Mami nya BBQ, mana boleh tahan kan 🙂 so we had BBQ lamb and bread for dinner. The foccacia pun we all masak in the BBQ which worked really well.


We all masak the bread in a baking pan on the pizza stone on the BBQ. I put caramelised onion as topping for the foccacia.


See, naik gebu gak kan bila masak dalam BBQ :-).


Some of the lamb chops merrily cooking on the Barbie.


And everything comes together nicely on my plate (kali ni dah tak buat tower dah, muahahahaha).

And what did The Other Half do when there’s still heat on the BBQ? Dia teringat zaman budak2 dulu, roasting marshmallows on open fire :-). And then anak2 dia pun ikutlah bila tengok Daddy roast marshmallows, hehehe.



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