>7 days without her (oops..and him)


The Other Half and Miss 6 will be flying off to Adelaide this Sunday for 7 days, to see Nana & Pop. Sejak pindah ke Perth, Miss 6 tak pernah lagi balik Adelaide, tanah kelahirannya itu :-), sebab tak pernah berkesempatan.

Come to think of it, I pun belum pernah lagi balik Adelaide since pindah Perth ni. But kalau I pergi sana, dah gerenti nya kena stay dengan in-laws kan, so takpelah, I lagi rela duk diam2 kat Perth ni, hikhikhik…

Miss very-soon-to-be 11 pernah flew solo to Adelaide for Christmas 2007 and stayed there for about 10 days kot. She was already 8 1/2 years old at that time an could fly as unaccompanied minor so tu yang we all lepaskan dia sorang2. Miss 6 at that time was only 4 y.o. and too young still to go with her sister. That was a really big adventure for Miss very-soon-to-be 11 sebab first time dia naik kapal terbang sorang2, memang perasan dah jaid budak besar lah, hehehe. Adalah a couple of nights yang she called us in the middle of the night menangis teresak2 sebab tak boleh tidur, hikhikhik, that was funny :-).

Anyway, I don’t know how I’m feeling about Miss 6 going to Adelaide ni. Sejak dia lahir sampai sekarang, tak pernah rasanya dia tak tidur under the same roof as me. Even though we started putting her in her own separate room since she was 7-8 months old tapi still lagi in the same house kan. Nak berpisah for 6 nights terasa lama lah sangatnya kan! Entah2 nanti I yang menangis mendayu2 call dia tengah2 malam semata2 nak dengar suara dia, wakakakakakaka….

The Other Half pulaknya won’t be staying in Adelaide the whole 7 days because he’s got to go to Sydney. So Miss 6 kena lah tidur sorang2 without Daddy or Mummy for 2 nights, hehehe. I wonder how she’ll cope :-).

But it will be a fun time for her sebab dapat spend time dengan Nana & Pop all for herself. Tapi kesian kat dia sebab dapat Nana & Pop yang bukannya jenis men-spoilt rotten their grandchildren, hikhikhik…

And Miss very-soon-to-be 11 pulaknya will have Mummy all to herself for 7 days and I definitely think that it’s the right time to tell her about the birds and the bees during this time. She knows bits and pieces but not the whole thing. I’m so not looking forward to explaining the facts of life to her, let me tell you, hahahahahahaha. But I know it’s my responsibility to tell her the truth and this 7 days will be perfect for that :-). The Other Half dah gelak2 kan I and kata, lega dia sebab takde anak lelaki, hehehe. I told him luckily the library’s got books about ‘how to explain about facts of life to daughters’ :-D.

How do you explain it to your kids?

Since dah berapa malam I tak cukup tidur sebab Miss 6 sakit, hari ni I pun rasa mengantuk giler2 but takde masa nak take a nap. So, untuk dinner tadi pun I tak tau nak masak apa sebab tak boleh nak fikir yang non simple nya food :-). I pun masak lah nasi goreng with fried seafood fritters and sambal belacan. Untuk Miss 6 I buatkan nasi and sup ikan.

I dah lama tak makan sambal belacan ni sampai kan tadi I had to think sekejap macam mana cara nak membuatnya, hehehehe. Nasib baik I ingat, or else, memang lah I kena call my Mak tanya macam mana nak buat, hahahaha.

Pastu I pun offer lah ke The Other Half the sambal belacan and expected him to say No. Tiba2 dia kata, “Ok.” Torkojut eden! Hehehehe. Dia makan sambal tu without any complaint! Ish ish ish, apalah nak jadi dengan laki I tu, hikhikhik….


Merah menyala sambal belacan I tapi tak pedas pun, hahahaha….


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