>from a troubled soul….


Now I know what it feels like when they say….

Makan tak lalu…..

Tidur tak lena……..

Mandi tak basah………

Bila hati gundah gulana, bila otak tak henti berfikir, bila perasaan resah memanjang….

Kenapa I jadi macam ni? Because……

Esok The Other Half will be going off to Sydney and Miss 6 will be left with Nana & Pop for 3 days. Yang buatkan I resah gelisah sebab she’s still not well, still has coughing bouts and still not eating. Kalau dia sihat and back to her old self, I tak lah risau nak bagi The Other Half tinggalkan dia dengan Nana n Pop aje sebab I know they’ll love spending time with her.

You know lah kan, every Mum thinks that they are the best person to look after their own kids. Same with me, I think she’ll fare better if either I or The Other Half is with her.

But there’s nothing I can do except pray to Allah that she’s going to be ok and protected under His care and no harm comes to her.

Kalau boleh, nak aje I terbang pergi Adelaide malam ni jugak so I can look after her……..


Lebih kurang macam ni lah rupa I hari ni, monyok aje……….. (Cuma rambut I tak semerah dia, bulu kat badan I tak selebat dia, lubang hidung I tak selebar dia, perut I tak segedempol dia, hehehe).

But I think perasaan I lebih kurang sama aje kot macam dia ni at that time…..


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