>asthma and frogs…..


Hari ni last day of The Little Misses’ holidays, esok baru her school starts. Minggu lepas I buat appoinment to see the doctor for all of us today. Ingat nak ambik flu jab for Miss 1-day-to-11 and The Other Half and I today and for Miss 6 to get her coughs checked. But punyalah tak best nya sebab boleh kan habis supply for the flu vaccine around Perth ni. Every pharmacy we all called, semua kata problem at the supplying and the transport sites so memang tak sampai lagi ke Perth ni. And tak tau lagi bila akan tiba, ciss….. Biasalah bila dah nak Winter ni, suddenly demand outstrip supply :-). Kenalah tunggu…..

And seperti yang we all suspected for a while now (but hoping it wasn’t the case), Miss 6 might have mild asthma. Now she has the trifecta of ecezema, allergy and asthma.. joy, NOT! But I guess when it runs in the family, nak buat macam mana kan. Adik beradik I, extended family, nieces ramai yang ada asthma so when another one is diagnosed with asthma, takde sape heran lagi dah, hehehehe. It started with just the normal cold which triggered her asthma. So now she’s on trial medication just to see if it has any positive effects on her and proper diagnosis can be made.

Anyway, balik from the doctor tadi I pun rolled up my sleeves to make fancy cookies for Miss 1-day-to-11 to take to school esok for her birthday ‘celebration’. Cookies tu I dah buat on Saturday nite and hari ni tinggal nak ice and decorate them aje. Selalunya I cuma bawak cupcakes to school tapi I malas pulak nak buat cupcakes and pack them nicely. Kalau cookies ni, tinggal letak aje dalam nice clear plastic bag and she can distribute it to her classmates easily kan. And since buruh kasar masih belum pergi school lagi, I asked them to decorate the cookies, senang kerja I kan :-).

Layan gambar The Little Misses in action and the end products.


I iced the cookies while they played with the lollies, m&ms, licorice..


Bestnya main2 dengan all the decorations kan. 1 letak kat cookie, 1 masuk mulut….. hehehehehe

The theme was ‘froggy in a pond’. Ada rupa tak frog on a lily pad/log in a light blue pond surrounded with colourful pebbles/rocks? :-D.




I know I know, mana ada frog kaler merah kan. The Other Half kata ini species deadly amazonian frog tu yang kaler merah tu, hehehe. And orang lain iced the cookies, smooth aje kan but I saje je buat tak smooth tu  sebenarnya (konon2nya waves lah kat dalam air pond tu, hikhikhikhikhik….)


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