>She’s 11 today


Happy Birthday to you…..

Happy Birthday to you…..

Happy Birthday dearest Miss 11…..

Happy Birthday to you…..

May your life be surrounded by happiness and love always, may your dreams and hopes come true and may your life be always blessed by The Almighty.

Since hari ni a school day and a working day, we didn’t have a big celebration for her. Balik from school tadi, she said her classmates sang her birthday song in English and Italian (Italian sebab their LOTE is Italian at that school). So, she was pretty chuffed about that :-). And her classmates loved the cookies (Mummy’s chuffed about that, hehehe).

But I did give her a surprise with her birthday cake because she wasn’t expecting any, hehehe. But birthday cake kali ni I buat on a small scale aje sebab cuma kitaorang ber empat aje pun yang nak makan. And balik from school tadi, we all pun buatlah minum petang sambil makan kek :-). Nak tengok her birthday cake?

I buat Lamington cupcakes. It’s just vanilla cupcakes but the top tu I dipped in choc icing and then dipped in dessicated coconut.


Ni pandangan dari atas. I kena panjat the steps to show you what it’s supposed to ‘say’. The Other Half and The Little Misses didn’t realise it at first yang the cupcakes were arranged specifically. The Other Half said, “Hey, it said 11! I didn’t notice that at first.” The Little Misses sikit pun tak perasan until I told them. I guess when you are a bit short, memang lah susah nak nampak kan huruf 11 tu, hikhikhik…


Before anyone tanya what’s that orange thing tergantung out of the cupcake. Let me tell you. It’s supposed to be worm, konon2nya the worm’s digging out of dirt, kahkahkahkah….




Hah, ini gambar dekat sikit. The theme’s supposed to be garden and things related to it. Tu yang ada worms, bird’s nest with eggs in it, flowers, butterflies, strawberry, hikhikhikhik….. I tak tau lah apa kaitan Ferrero Rocher tu dengan garden ni ;-D.

(Actually, I just guna apa yang I could find in the pantry tu yang segala benda keluar, hehehe).




I ni kan memang tak pandai nak decorate bagai dengan buttercream. Fondant tu lagilah memang I tak pernah pegang. So, the easiest for me is to calit aje dengan  choc icing and then decorate dengan lollies. Cantik jugak for our eyes (and yummy too 🙂).


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