>Tengok wayang and afternoon tea….


Today is Anzac Day commemoration so esok is a Public Holiday in OZ but The Other Half still kena pergi kerja jugak sebab uni tak cuti, sian dia, hikhikhik…

And today we had a small birthday party for Miss 11. I suggested to her the other day to invite some friends to the movie to celebrate her birthday. But I told her she could only invite 4 people max sebab tak sanggup weh nak invite the whole class. So, she invited 2 boys and 2 girls who she’s really friendly with at school. But 1 of them couldn’t come so memang kecik betul lah her birthday celebration this year kan :-).

So, tadi The Other Half and Miss 6 became the chaperone for her and her friends at the movie. Let’s just say, sepanjang2 we all kat OZ ni, memang boleh kira lah berapa kali aje we all pergi tengok movie ni. Do you want to know why? Because it is so so expensive to go to the cinema nowadays. Tadi, 1 adult and 5 children tickets cost us $88!!!!! It is not a typo, let me tell you! Cuma untuk 6 orang and the kids pulaknya on kids’ price so murah lagi dari adult tapi dah $88. Memang mahal giler nak tengok wayang kat sini. The cheapest that we can get, if we buy the tickets thru this company online (but you have to wait for them to post the tickets to you first lah) is $10 a ticket. Itu kira dah sangat2 lah murahnya. Tu lah sebabnya we bought the projector and spend money buying dvds when they are on sale. Lagi best tengok movie sambil baring2 kat rumah kan :-). And we all tengah tak sabar nak tunggu Avatar keluar on dvd this Thursday so we cann watch it on Friday nite, yeay, hehehe….

(Nasib baik lah anak ada 2 aje kan, kalau anak ada 6 and everyone nak ajak kawan2 pegi tengok movie for their birthdays, mau kopak lah we all ni! hehehehehe).

So, lepas habis tengok wayang tadi, The Other Half brought everyone back home for afternoon tea. I tak pergi tengok wayang sama sebab I kan ibu mithali so kenalah duduk rumah siapkan the food for afternoon tea, hehehehe.

But since yang datang cuma 3 orang aje and then plus the 4 of us, so I tak lah masak macam nak buat kenduri :-). I cuma buat mini pizzas, sausage sandwich sushi, potato smileys and then lamington cupcakes again. Afternoon tea aje kan, bukannya dinner or lunch.




Nampak betul lah Mummy dia ni malas kan nak buat lebih2 :-). Asalkan diaorang kenyang and happy makan, cukuplah kan…

And some photos of Miss 11 with her friends at home.



Sambil makan sambil main Wii.

Psst… I ejek Miss 11 yang she’s got a crush on the boys (they are twins) and dia tak tau nak pilih mana satu since they both look the same so tu yang dia minat dua2, wakakakakkakaa….

Yang gelaknya, Mak boys ni pun ejek2 the boys yang they’ve got a crush on Miss 11, muahahahahaha…. Teruk betul kan I and the boys’ Mum ni :-D.

And Miss 6 pun mesti lah nak mencelah jugak kan 🙂


And part afternoon tea yang I paling suka is when everyone is already so full from it and tak nak makan dinner.

Woohoo….merdeka… tak payah masak dinner!!!! Muahahahahaha….


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