>It’s that time again..


It’s unbelievable how quickly 3 months flew by especially when you are not waiting for it. Our 3-monthly inspection is coming up this Thursday. Rasa macam baru aje we all bertungkus lumus kemas and membersihkan rumah, inside and out. And it’s unbelievable how much sawang can accumulate in that time too, hehehe. I kan cukup seriau nak membersihkan the sawang and the toys kat luar tu sebab takut aje terpegang a red back spider while cleaning up. The Little Misses pun tau kalau nampak cobwebs around their toys to check for spiders first before touching it.

Kat OZ ni kan, punyalah banyak binatang2 yang boleh membunuh ni and a lot of them are so tiny which makes it even more scary. We normally have to spray the outdoor insect spray every 3 months just to make sure takde red back spiders buat sarang kat luar tu. But occasionally you will still find a few lurking around. Kalau kat dalam rumah pulak, you’ll get the white-tail spiders which bites can put susceptible people in hospital tapi tak sampai membunuh lah. Ada sekali tu I tengah solat and the next thing I know, ada white-tail kat sejadah betul2 kat tempat nak sujud. Melompat I sekejap sebab terkezut. Terpaksalah I solat sekali lagi after throwing the spider down the drain.

Sape nak tau how these spiders look like, Google aje lah ye.

It’s so funny bila ada tetamu from Malaysia ketakutan nak tidur kat dalam bilik bila ternampak spiders sebab diaorang takut kot2 it’s the spider yang boleh membunuh tu kan, hehehe. Tak pasal2 masuk hospital sebab kena gigit spiders pulak nanti kan :-).

Anyway, the house now is not fully cleaned yet but getting there. Penat weh memanjat steps tadi nak bersihkan on top of the blinds and windows and on top of the doors. Pastu menyental the walls to get rid of all the oily finger marks took some time too.

So, bila dah konon2nya penat membersihkan rumah, I masak dinner yang teramatlah simple nya…

Pasta with pesto and sausages. Pesto tu I beli yang ready made aje so lagi lah senang nak masak, hehehe


I gunakan different types of pasta sebab nak menghabiskan stock.


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