>Hmmm….still thinking of a suitable topic for this post :-)


Our house sounds like a hospital ward currently sebab both of The Little Misses have got a cough and a cold. Miss 6 rasanya dah 4 minggu kot batuk2 ni. She had a couple of days where she wasn’t coughing but since 3 days ago, her cough has worsened again. Ni dapat a new virus from Miss 11 lah ni agaknya sebab Miss 11 has been having a head cold with runny nose and coughing since Thursday last week kot. Pastu, sekarang ni berjangkit lah ke Miss 6, so full of mucus in her nose trickling down her throat which triggers her coughs (eeyuwww!!!!) :-D. Only a Mum won’t find that gross, hahahahaha…

Kesian Miss 6, she was asking me bila lah her cough nak baik ni. She said she’s got so used to coughing now dia dah tak heran, a bit like breathing, hehehe…. But at least this time, she’s still got her appetite and eating all the time and tak demam2 and muntah2 (nak make up for the last time she was really sick and losing so much weight kot).

Miss 11 yang jarang demam and batuk pun tengah batuk sekarang. Ini belum masuk Winter lagi tapi dah teruk batuk. Hopefully Winter time nanti tak lah teruk sangat kenanya…..

The inspection today went well, I think. No more scrubbing the walls and the blinds for 3 months now :-). Luckily my kids memang jenis yang tak conteng dinding even when they were small so we didn’t have to worry about that bit. Cuma all the finger and hand marks on the wall aje lah yang I had to scrub semalam. Ye lah, kita pun kadang2 tak sedar tangan kita kotor and terus peluk2 dinding kan, so tu yang melekat the mark on them. I know the best way is to wipe the marks off straight away tapi biasalah kan, orang malas ni, tunggu inspection baru kelam kabut nak buat, hehehehehe…

Since inspection dah habis, bolehlah I masak seperti biasa for dinner.

I made beef and feta rissoles and spicy couscous. Rissoles tu I ambik recipe from here. And couscous tu pulak I pakai godek2 sendiri aje, hehehe. Couscous ni as long as you cook it with stock and then letak rempah sikit2, selalunya cumin and coriander, dah sedap dah. But if you just cook it with air panas aje, memang tak rasa apa lah, macam makan nasi putih tak berlauk lah.


I like couscous ni, especially bila you dah put the veges and the spices. The Little Misses makan couscous but they won’t ask for seconds. The Other Half pun tadi habiskan the couscous on his plate and then went to get some more rissoles, not couscous, hehehe.

Psst… you nampak tak benda hitam kat atas my plate tu? Meh, I tunjuk kan gambar lagi dekat…


Muahahahahaha… kalau dah jawa tu, jawa jugak!

Mana ada orang makan couscous dengan sambal kicap weh! Sedap giler I rasa couscous tadi bila dah campur sambal kicap tu. Terus bersemangat I makan, wakakakakka.


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