>Blue cheese and sambal kicap


Hari tu kan I masak scrambled eggs for dinner and tak tayang on my blog. Hah, malam ni I tayang our scrambled eggs that we had for dinner! hehehe…

But you know that this plate was definitely not mine sebab ada blue cheese on the scrambled eggs. I hate blue cheese! The Other Half will buy blue cheese once in a blue moon bila dia teringin or mengidam. Ye lah, sape cakap pompuan aje yang mengidam ni, guys pun mengidam gak, hikhikhik….

And bila dia makan blue cheese, we try to sit as far away from him as possible because of the stinking smell. And he only buys the mild blue cheese aje but dah stinking gak. Can you imagine if he likes to eat the really strong blue cheese? Mau lah agaknya I akan muntah kat dinner table tu kot bila tercium bau dia :-).


The Other Half’s plate, scrambled eggs on toast with blue cheese.

And since he’s eating a stinky cheese, I pun nak join jugak lah with the stinky part. I masak nasi goreng sempoi and makan dengan sambal kicap. Sekarang ni my mulut pun bau garlic aje, hikhikhik….

I masih mengidam nak makan sambal kicap tu, tu yang I gagahkan jugak masak nasi goreng. I rasa tak tertelan pulak kat tekak kalau I makan sambal kicap tu dengan scrambled eggs….


By the way, last nite we all tengok Avatar on the ‘big screen’ aka the wall on the projector. That’s the first time Miss 6 and I tengok Avatar tu, hehehe. It was really impressive watching it that big. Patutlah ramai yang tengok berulang2 kali at the cinema kan.


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