>Silent Sunday


Malam ni malas nak berceloteh panjang cos it’s already 10 o’clock and I need to go to bed. When you are not young and agile anymore, you need all the sleep you can get to wake up bright and happy. The Other Half kata kalau I tak dapat cukup tidur I akan jadi a grumpy monster. And then if I bengang aje bila dia cakap macam tu, he’ll say, “See, I told you! You are grumpy when you don’t get enough sleep!

Eeeehhhhh, geram aje bila dia cakap macam tu. So, I better get my 7-8 hours good nite sleep before I turn into a grumpy monster esok, hehehehe…

I made nachos for dinner tonite. Still malas nak masak anything complicated (everynite I malas masak complicated  dinner ni, hehehe). Nachos is easy peasy :-).


I selalu masak nachos in a big tray and then just scoop it up onto the plates at the dinner table. tak kuasa I nak masak in individual bowls, hehehe…..


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