>I tak suka lah orang suruh2 I ni……


I want to write about something that’s been bugging me for quite a while now tapi I tau yang I’ll be opening a big can of worms by writing about it.

I love the blogging world in general. I like finding out about the people who read my blog and where they come from and making new acquaintances through the blog. Some bloggers you know boleh ngam dengan you straight away but some bloggers you know will take time to kasi ngam ;-). And some bloggers memang tak boleh ngam langsung lah walau pun bertahun2 you dah ‘kenal’, hehehehe…

And Blogspot pun dah makin bertambah2 the applications that they provide since 2 years ago when I first joined it which is good in a way and not good in some ways.

One of the applications yang I think boleh buat orang tak senang duduk is the ‘Follower’ application. It is good when you really like certain blogs and want to follow them so you will always be kept abreast of the latest updates. But ia jadi tak berapa bagus when people judge the blogs by how many followers they have. So, for some people kalau blogs tu ramai followers, kiranya teramat2 bagus lah.

And ini lah yang membuatkan I a bit peeved. Adalah segelintir bloggers yang baru2 (I know I pun blogger yang baru menapak jugak) yang nak sangat2 dapat ramai followers to their blogs that they will go around to any blog and letak comment at the chat box…

‘I dah follow your blog so follow my blog jugak ye.’ or

‘please follow and link my blog, tq’

‘I dah follow your blog, kenapa you tak follow my blog lagi?’

First of all, I am very honoured that so many people choose to follow my blog. I don’t expect anyone to follow my blog just because they know me personally and I have never asked/forced/cajoled/bribed/begged anyone to follow my blog. For me, it’s your own choice what you want to do. Kalau you tak nak follow my blog, it doesn’t worry me and it definitely won’t offend me at all.

So, bila I dapat comments like the above kat my chat box, I feel a bit disappointed because I think it’s not a really nice thing to do. And it makes me feel awkward sebab I tak tau nak balas balik the comments macam mana. What’s the right way to balas this kind of comments? I tak boleh cakap yang I’ll follow them back sebab memang gerenti nya I won’t. And I don’t want too insult them either…..

You don’t even know me and yet you want me to follow your blog.

Why? What’s the main reason you want me to do that?

And some of you, baru aje masuk blog I sekali or terserempak blog I through blog hopping so tak payah lah kan ask me to become your follower. I would rather follow blogs without being forced to do it.

So, bila ada orang ‘suruh’ I follow their blogs, I rasa lagi lah malas nak follow your blogs ni. And nak masuk blog you pun I rasa malas.

I know my entry ni will make some people upset and will probably letak macm2 nista comments but I’m just telling you how I feel.

I’m sorry kalau ada yang terasa with my entry ni ye….

I really love to blog but benda macam ni lah yang kadang2 buat I menyampah nak berblog and rasa nak private kan my blog aje…..

Anyway, enough of that.. I dah luahkan apa yang terbuku dalam hati I in my blog (yang memang I created untuk letak luahan hati I pun kan 🙂).

Malam ni I masak chicken, leek and mustard bake with mashed potato.



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