>Is that an egg?


The Other Half said to me, “you definitely opened a can of worms with your entry yesterday! :-)”

But from the comments yang I dapat about the entry, actually kan, ramai jugak yang berperasaan sama macam I when it comes to that issue, cuma tak terluah aje. So I ni kiranya jadi wakil the bloggers yang berperasaan sama meluahkan perasaan lah kan, hahahaha….

Anyhow, let’s talk about something cheerful… (yang buat The Little Misses gelak when they saw it just now 🙂).

The Other Half will be flying off to Sydney again tomorrow morning for 2 nights and selalunya before he goes to Sydney, he’ll ask me to do 1 thing….. (This is a PG blog ye so don’t start thinking…..)

This is the first photo


He’s been losing his hair sejak dia mula kahwin dengan I. Masa mula2 kahwin dulu, sikit nya luscious ke rambut dia! Tapi sekarang ni, hikhikhik…. (maybe it’s me yang buatkan dia lose his hair so rapidly kan, muahahaha)

But when I do some magic Abracadabra (with a tiny bit of help from the instruments below ;-)..)


Terus jadi macam ni….


The Little Misses gelak guling2 tengok kepala Daddy jadi macam ni..

They said, “Wahahahahaha, your head looks like a dinosaur egg Daddy!” Memang lah anak2 bertuah sungguh budak berdua itu. Adake dia samakan their Daddy’s head with a dinosaur egg yang sudah extinct itu, wakakaka

Tapi I takde bagi extra service ye lepas cukur rambut dia tu! No head massage, no tanning lotion, hehehehe..

I cuma masakkan dia dinner aje, cukuplah kan 🙂

Our dinner tonite, nasi with fried egg (chicken egg not dinosaur egg, hikhikhik), stirfry veges and sardin.



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