>I’m feeling happy…….


Something’s been bugging me since semalam but since I’ve found out that it’s not me, it’s them, I’m happier now :-)…… lalalalalalalalalalalalala…….

Malam ni since The Other Half takde kat rumah, I bukak restaurant in our dining room. Tekak semua berbeza2 kan so I pun masak lah dishes lain2.. The Other Half pun makan kat restaurant kat Sydney tu so we all pun nak lah jugak makan kat restaurant kan, hehehehe….

When I asked Miss 6 what she wants for dinner, she said, “I want hot noodles Mummy!


This is her ‘hot’ noodles🙂. Kat rumah ni, cuma I and Miss 6 aje yang suka meehoon. She started liking it bila I buat meehoon goreng sempoi ni for myself and dia datang gesel2 ke I nak tumpang rasa my meehoon. Lepas tu, dia yang tolong habiskan my meehoon!  Starting from there, she’ll ask me to make this ‘hot’ noodles once  a month macam tu. For her this noodles dah kira pedas lah sebab I guna ‘hot’ chilli sauce Ayam brand and tomato sauce for the seasoning. Tapi she said to me tadi, “it’s hot but since I’m so used to it now, I don’t think it’s that hot anymore.” Perasan betul, nanti I bagi sambal kicap baru dia tau! Hahahahahaha….

Miss 11 pulak bila di tanya what she wants for dinner. She just said, “I don’t know. Do you have chips?” Dia ni a bit fussy and tak suka a lot of things but if we paksa dia makan, she’ll eat it. But tadi since I bukak restoran for dinner kan, I pun buatkan chicken balls and chips for her dinner (alah, tinggal masukkan dalam oven aje pun, hehehe).


And I pulak teringin nak makan mee kari/laksa and since I was the cook, mestilah kena ikut permintaan tekak the cook kan. But I guna ready-made laksa paste aje. I tak pernah buat laksa paste sendiri since yang ready-made jual kat kedai kena dengan tekak we all and murah pulak tu🙂.



My chicken mee kari/laksa…

Miss 6 tadi bila dia nampak semua makan dishes lain2, dia kata, “just like at a restaurant, everyone eats different things!” Hahahahahaha…..

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