>What’s in the box?


Hari ni busy banget buat project sampai kan tak sempat nak jenguk blog sendiri (which is a first!) so all the comments pun tak sempat nak jawab. Blog kawan2 pun lagilah tak sempat nak jenguk. Awards Mother’s Day pun tak sempat ambik lagi, minta maaf ye. Esok pagi2 InsyaAllah I akan round da world pegi ambik awards and kad Hari Ibu. Thank you so much for the great cards and awards for the Moms of the world :-).

So, what’s the ‘big’ project yang we all usahakan nearly satu hari suntuk ni?…

Remember I said to you yang it’s getting darker earlier nowadays sebab dah masuk Autumn and going to be Winter soon. Pukul 5.30 petang/malam dah sunset so when it comes to taking photos of our dinners, it gets to be a bit frustrating when the light condition is so poor. I takde external flash on my camera so I’ve been relying on lamps, lamps and extra lamps. But kadang2 direct lamps ni can be too harsh so fikir punya fikir, The Other Half suggested I make a light box/ light tent.

So, itu lah kerja I hari ni, surfing the net cari a simple DIY instructions on how to build a light box (and also surfing for cheap lenses at the same time, hikhikhik). I told The Other Half I nak lenses for Mother’s Day present (kalau diaorang teringin nak bagi hadiah untuk I lah 😉)….

So, ini lah our project today, a light box..


Halfway through….


The end product. Thanks to this website, Digital Photography School, I finally made my own cheap version of a light box, hehehehehe….

But we still have to play around with the lightings sebab we need new light globes (semua dah terbakar, hahahaha) yang lagi bright and white instead of yellow!

And when Mummy and Daddy sibuk dengan project, we just had a simple dinner of hot dogs and potato gems.



See, the lighting is still a bit not right. Oh well, we’ll have tomorrow to try and fix it :-).

And ini pulak our breakfast pagi tadi, goreng pisang makan dengan maple syrup. But seperti biasa, Miss 6 dengan I aje yang habiskan, hehehehe…



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