>Jelly fish, lamb and Lindt


We had another busy day today for Mother’s Day.

As you would have known, The Little Misses cooked me pancakes for breakfast before kelam kabut pergi Sunday school this morning. While they were at Sunday school, The Other Half and I pergi Bunnings cari a really good light globe for my ‘new’ light box. Excited giler nak cari light globes tadi, hehehe. Nasib baik lah Bunnings tu bukak on Sunday, kalau tak, sure I dah nangis sebab tak dapat guna my light box kan :-). After pergi Bunnings, The Other Half and I went for a walk along the river berdua duaan you, hikhikhik….. Pastu, bila dah malas jalan, duk melangut borak2 tepi sungai sambil cuba2 ambil gambar the many jellyfish living in the river.

We got some nice photos of a big jellyfish. And then tadi saje2 lah I pergi edit it on Picasa, terus jadi gorgeous gitu! (Well, untuk we all cantik sgt2 lah even though it’s not that refined 🙂).

Ini the unedited version, I think I cuma crop it a bit kot.. I cuma ambik guna a point-n-shoot camera aje tadi, that’s why it’s a bit grainy.


Ini pulak after dah di godek2 kat Picasa, terus jadi macam rupa alien from outer space or this really eerie looking creature form the deep sea kan :-D.


Lain betul kan rupa dia after being Picasa’ed, hahahaha….

Balik from Sunday school, sambung busy marinating the lamb for dinner and buat some bread for dinner. And then bila dah siap the preps for the BBQ, sambung pulak buat the light box yang tak siap sepenuhnya lagi tu. The Other Half pun menggodek2 the lamp to find the nicest and the brightest angle for me.

Proudly presenting my mini ‘studio’ in a small corner of the sewing+gym+library+toy+ironing room, hikhikhik…..


Nak buat studio besar2an, tak mampu and tak pro lagi so buatlah kecil2an dulu just for my food kan ;-).

Sempena Mother’s Day, we had BBQ rack of lamb, lamb chops, turkish-type bread and mandarin cos salad. Obviously, The Other Half lah tukang BBQ but I did all the preps and the bread (but he cooked the bread in the Barbie) and the salad.

It was a really wonderful Mother’s Day dinner for everyone. You should see Miss 6 and The Other Half melantak the lamb, kus semangat you!!!! Muahahahahahaha….

Our honey mustard lamb rack…


Our dinner tonite (ini my plate 🙂)


And we finished it off with a few of this…


This is definitely the best Lindt so far….yummmmmm……..

All in all, I had a really wonderful Mother’s Day dinner. How did yours go? 😀

(by the way, all the food photos were taken in the light box. Ada beza tak you rasa?)


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