>Freezing Friday


Pagi tadi it was freezing cold bila the alarm went of at 6.20. It was really warm under the doona, but as soon as I keluarkan kaki out of the doona, sikit nya sejuk ke the room. Tak jadi I nak pergi ke bilik air, sambung balik meng warm kan diri for another 5 minutes, hehehe.

When I looked up the temperature on BOM, patutlah sejuk giler I rasa, it was 2.5C at 6 o’clock pagi tadi! Perth ni tak lah sejuk sangat but sekali sekala sejuk lah jugak :-).

I’m so happy today. The Other Half got back from Darwin and my Mother’s Day present arrived this morning. It’s supposed to be Mother’s Day present tapi I yang surfed the net, purchased it online and paid for it using my credit card. But since we only have 1 joint account anyway, takde account asing2, I guess everyone paid for it lah kan, hehehehe.

What did I buy for me? I bought a lens for the camera. I didn’t have a fixed lens before this so since the price was not expensive, I bought a Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II lens. Hajat hati nak beli yang F1.4 tapi harga dia sikit nya jauh lagi mahal ke dari yg F1.8 ni so kenalah kuburkan dulu hajat itu :-). Lepas ni I nak mintak a macro lens lah pulak on my birthday, baru lah best kan kalau dapat, hahahaha….. Boleh lah I guna for my food photography ;-).

And I still malas nak masak lagi but since today is a swimming day, I had to cook something that can be reheated when we got back from swimming. Because The Little Misses selalunya will be very very hungry lepas berenang ni. Dish yang paling simple sudah semestinya pasta lah kan, hehehe..

I made pesto pasta with roast chicken. Roast chicken ni we all masak last Saturday in the BBQ lepas masak roast lamb tu and then we froze it in the magic freezer. Selalunya kalau we all buat BBQ, we will masak a few dishes in the Barbie including a roast chicken, kiranya memang guna betul2 lah all the heat. Sebab senang bila tengah malas2 and ada frozen roast chicken in the freezer ni. You can use roast chicken in so many different dishes!

Samalah kalau I masak sausages, I mesti masak lebih and then freeze the leftover cooked sausages. Bila I betul2 malas, I just thaw them, slice them thinly and put them in the omelette or put them in pasta.



The best part of a roast chicken, the burnt crunchy bits aka the skin, yummmmmmm!!!!!!!


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