>Shaved or unshaved


At the supermarket, while walking near the chilled meat section……

Miss 11: Look at that! Do some people eat hairy legs?

The Other Half: What are you talking about? Who eats hairy legs?

Miss 11: There, on the packet it says “shaved leg ham”. Do some people eat the leg ham unshaved, with all the hair on it? Wouldn’t it taste yucky?

The Other Half: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha……..

The Other Half had to explain to her that “shaved” in that context means very thinly cut instead of thickly sliced and NOT a leg that’s clean shaven as opposed to hairy :-D.

For dinner tonite, The Other Half nak makan honey chicken with egg tofu stir fry. Miss 6 pulak nak makan sushi. Miss 11 wasn’t fazed about any food. The Cook pulak tak tau tekak dia nak makan apa..

So, The Cook ended up making grilled spicy prawns….


Honey sesame chicken….


Makan dengan short grain rice, stir-fried veges and tabur roasted nori on top…



All the taste buds were satisfied 🙂 except for The Other Half sebab I tak masak egg tofu for him. But I masak instant taufufa for afternoon tea so kiranya satisfied jugak lah tekak dia nak makan tofu lembik ni kan, hehehehe….


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