>Another ordinary Sunday


Another weekend flew by so quickly. The same routine of Sunday School for The Little Misses in the morning and then vegetating at home the whole day after that :-). Lagi lah sekarang makin lama makin sejuk, memang lah tersangat lah best nya melepak kat rumah in front of the heaters, hehehe. But yang tak best nya duk rumah ni kan, satu aje I rasa, so close to the pantry and the source of food. Ada aje benda yang boleh di kunyah dan di telan! And kalau takde benda nak makan, rajin pulak tu masak macam2 just to satisfy this ‘nak mengunyah2’ craving, hehehe. And with it being so cold, you just feel like eating warm/hot things all the time. Minum milky kopi bercawan2, minum hot choc lagi….. :-D…

Tu sebab ramai orang gain weight masa Winter ni, including me! kalau beruang tu makan banyak2, lain lah kan, sebab dia nak berhibernate, kita ni makan banyak, what’s the excuse? Hikhikhik….. nasib baik lah Winter season kat Perth ni tak panjang so boleh lah di control jugak my weight increase ni kan…..

We had a big meal lunch time tadi so dinner malam ni I made scrambled eggs, salad and cheesy bread. Everyone likes scrambled eggs, memang akan sentiasa habis lah. Doesn’t matter how many eggs I used to make the scrambled eggs!


The bread tu I letak filling mcm pizza sikit and then shaped them into crescent and tabur some more grated cheese on top.


And a photo of Miss 6 to round out our ordinary weekend…


I was just playing around with the 50mm lens and trying to get as much light as I can without using the flash. I had to ask her to switch on her desk lamp (tu yang nampak oren aje her left cheek, hehehe)


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