>How many have you had?


We were driving when suddenly out of the blue, The Other Half said to me, “You know what? I think we must be the only people on earth who still have the same mobile phone numbers for years and years and years!

(See, we’ve been married for too long that we don’t have anything else to talk about, we had to resort to talking about phone numbers to break the silence! Hikhikhikhik…. ;-D).

But what he said was true sebab he’s had the same phone number since he moved back to OZ from M’sia which was in 2000. And I pulak have had the same number since 2001! So, kira lama lah tu kan because we are talking about mobile phones here :-). We still keep the same numbers even when we changed our service provider last year. Sebab in OZ ni, we don’t have to change our numbers if we don’t want to, even if we change our service provider. Walaupun dah upgrade phones berkali2, tapi phone numbers tetap yang sama :-D…

Why don’t we change our numbers? Entah lah you, probably sebab we are so attached to the numbers kot because it’s our birth dates :-). Kat sini, you can choose whatever numbers you like (as long as takde sape dah ambik number tu and the numbers are available) and we chose our birth dates so tu yang teramatlah attached nya to the numbers, hehehehe…. Senang weh nak ingat instead of just some random numbers! And then since we still have the same numbers, tak payah lah kena susah payah let everyone knows bila dah tukar (macamlah ramai sangat yang kena di bagi tahu, muahahahahaha).

Nasib baik lah we all takde stalkers kan so tu yang boleh keep the same numbers forever :-).

But even though we have had the same numbers forever, bila kena isi borang asking our phone numbers or bila kena call orang and tell them our phone numbers, kadang2 masih tersilap2, hikhikhikhik…. Ye lah kan, mana ada kita call phone kita sendiri hari2(takde kerja I nak buat kerja tak berfaedah tu!) so tu yang sentiasa terlupa nombor sendiri. And then phone number The Other Half pulak on speed dial so memang lah susah jugak nak ingat kan :-).

I tau my adik beradik kat M’sia selalu jugak tukar phone numbers ni sebab belum sempat I hafal/key in nombor diaorang, dah tukar nombor baru, wehehehehehe….

Anyway, malam ni I saje nak tunjuk kat Cik Mat and Jaja yang berkenan kat spice bottles I tu.


Masa I mula2 pindah OZ dulu, I started collecting all these bottles for my spice rack (The Other Half pun ikut sama pergi kedai chose the bottles with me sebab dia pun excited sama, muahahahaha). It was so much fun choosing all the different shapes! And with the price of around $1-$2, lagi lah best nya nak memilih kan, hahahahaha… I love my 3 tingkat spice rack! :-D. One day when I’ve cleaned my spice rack until spick n span, I’ll put it up on the blog :-).

Our dinner tonite was mince beef again but in a different form. I made meatloaf, makan dengan chips and sauteed carrot n mushroom.



The Other Half kata dia lagi suka his meatloaf sebab takde ‘healthy things’ like diced veges in it, hehehehe.


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