>Breakfast and by the river…


Rain..rain.. since last night which is such a nice sight. Memang seronok sambung tidur balik under the doona and since The Other Half dah balik from Sydney last nite, lagi lah best snuggling up kan, muahaha :-P. Kalau lah tak kerana tekak dah merayu2 mintak kopi, memang lah malas betul nak bangun, hehehe.

Instead of just the usual toast or cereal for breakfast, I made tomato n avocado croissants for us and instant roti paratha makan dengan gula for The Little Misses. They lovvvvvvvve the instant paratha that setiap kali I masak, they will eat 2-3 keping each! Luckily the instant ones tu memang senang nak cari kat kedai asian and so so cheap as well. Bila dah murah, memang lah I akan jadi malas giler nak buat roti canai sendiri kan, hahahaha.



Our avocado n tomato croissants (No, I didn’t make the croissants, kedai mari!). Kali ni I tried using white plate with black background. Tapi my light box tu was too small for the long platter so I kena crop the photos so tak nampak the front of the box. Memang lah kena cari kotak besar lepas ni! Bila lah The Other Half nak beli a 50 inch LED TV ni ye so I can use the box, hahahaha…..

Then, for lunch pulaknya, we got invited to Rus’s house down at Bertram for her daughter’s birthday party. Memang makan bertambah2 the nasi bryani dgn lauk pauk yg sedap2 tu, hehehe. Ye lah kan, bila lagi nak makan dishes yang orang lain masak! But we forgot to bring the camera pulaknya so tak dapat lah nak ambik gambar with the birthday girl.

Balik from the party, while driving home, I was saying to The Other Half that it is such a ‘good’ weather for a photo shoot because it’s cloudy with the sun shining through and the girls are in nice clothing :-). Bila lagi kan nak harness my skills ni. I ni kalau ambik gambar orang still fail lagi. Ambik gambar food senang sebab I can pose them the way I want and  they won’t move at all, hehehe. I can take as long as I want and they will stay still for me :-). They won’t be moody and sulky either unlike the kids! :-D.

So, singgah rumah sekejap just to get the camera and off we went to the river. Nasib baik anak sendiri so senang lah nak ‘suruh’ diaorang to at least smile at the camera. Layan lah ye some photos from the photo shoot today taken by an amateur :-D.


3 gorgeous girls sitting by the jetty, hikhikhikhik…… I set the camera setting and The Other Half tinggal click aje. Memang nampak sangat yang pipi I dah makin menembam! Nyampah betul lah!!!! Hehehehe…



Miss 11 tengah cuba tahan gelak….


I told The Other Half to make The Little Misses laugh and smile naturally at the camera. Hmmm…..memang susah betul lah ada assistant tak bertauliah ni ;-).


Me and my brooding tween look….


The Other Half kata rupa dia sebijik George Costanzas dalam cerita ‘Seinfeld’, fat and balding! Muahahaha…


The 2 sisters, so different and yet so alike…


The happy family shoot. We put the camera on the fence railing and then I set the camera settings while The Other Half set it on timer and then away he ran to join us. Nasib baik lah tak jatuh the camera tu!


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