>Do you like your curry pastes?


The Other day at  Coles, I saw these range of India curry pastes on sale so you know lah kan with me and sale ni, mana boleh di pisahkan, hehehe. So I bought 2 packets just to try them. I don’t normally buy Indian curry paste yang ready made ni sebab entahlah, selalu tak kena dengan tekak we all. I lagi suka beli kari Baba’s or Allagappas and then make the paste myself by adding a few extra ingredients to it.

Tadi The Other Half said he wanted to eat curry and rice for dinner. But I malas nak masak curry from scratch so I pun buat magic and took out these 2 packets of instant curry from the pantry, hahahaha. So I used its Tikka Masala paste that’s ‘mild’ to make chicken tikka for The Little Misses and I used its Rogan Josh paste that’s ‘medium’ to make beef rogan josh for us :-). I didn’t have to add anything at all apart from the beef and chicken and potatoes and they tasted really great! Terkejut jugak sebab selalunya I have to add and tweak a little bit to curry pastes to make them nice for us.

The Other Half siap bertambah 3 kali lagi tu so definitely sedap kan. He said, “buy some more of these if they are still on sale cos they are really good. Even I can cook delicious curry like this!” Muahahaha, boleh lah I retire from cooking curry macam ni kan :-).

Anyone in OZ or Perth yang nak try these brand of curries, they are called ‘Passage to India’ simmer sauces. The mild and medium sauces memang tak pedas lah but The Little Misses still complained kata their chicken tikka was quite hot, sampai minum air aje bergelas! Hikhikhik…

I should mintak royalty ni kan kat the company sebab promote thier products on my blog, hahahaha….



Our dinner tonite. Simple rice pilaf with acar (mesti ada kalau tak nak The Other Half merajuk, hehehehe), beef rogan josh, chicken tikka, ayam goreng and poppadom.


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