>Irksome phrases from the babes’ mouths


There are some phrases that I don’t like when they come out of The Little Misses’ mouths.I’m not talking about swear words and such because that’s definitely a big NO in this house. These are just normal day to day phrase that make me lose my cool with them sometimes :-).

Let me list them down… (hehehehe…)

Coming at number 1 would be:


As in when when I say to them, “It’s your bedtime now. Have you brushed your teeth yet?”

And their answer was, “Wait! I’m doing something!”

Why must it be answered with ‘wait’? Why can’t they just say, “Wow! It’s my bedtime already and I can’t wait to go to bed. I’ll go brush my teeth now!”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Ha ha ha ha ha……

Coming at equal 2 would be:

It’s not mine/ I didn’t make the mess/ I didn’t do it

As in when I ask one of them, “Can you pick up all the cut papers on the floor and throw them in the rubbish bin.” or “Can you put the story book away” or “Can you switch off the light in the bathroom.

And their answer was, “I didn’t cut the papers, not me!” “It’s not my book” or “I wasn’t in the bathroom last.

And my answer to that kind of answers would be along the line of, “I didn’t wear your clothes so why did I wash them for you?” or “I’m not going to eat the lunches at school so do you want to prepare your own lunches instead of me?

Am I mean or am I mean? Hahahahahaha….

Coming at number 3 would be:

I was only joking!

As in after one of them (normally Miss 11) has made the other one (normally Miss 6) cry by teasing her endlessly.

Hmmm….How come I can only think of 3? I’m so sure there’s more phrases that irk me! Hehehehehe….

Takpe, I’ll write them down next time :-D.

For dinner tonite I made poloni and pineappple pizza for The Little Misses and sliced BBQ beef pizza for us.

BBQ beef ni was barbecued by The Other Half about a month+ ago kot and di simpan terus dalam freezer in small cuts. And tadi I just thaw 1 small piece and slice it thinly. And then tadi I just letak the sliced beef on top of the piiza when the pizza was 3/4 cooked. So, it was still tender to the bite.

But unfortunately the pizza pan tak muat nak masuk dalam light box I yang comel itu so kenalah ambik gambar kat atas dapur aje tadi, hehehehe…





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