>Famous by association, hahaha


Hari ni The Other Half went painting with Miss 11 while Miss 6 and I stayed at home. I ni kadang2 malas betul nak pergi ikut diaorang bershopping on Saturdays sebab the malls are normally so crowded. And then sekarang tak banyak sale so tu yang membuatkan I lagi malas nak ikut(tu lah actually the main reason why I malas nak ikut, hehehe). I tengah tunggu June mid year stock take sale ni. Masa tu nanti, memang kalau boleh nak aje pergi shopping hari2 sebab sale di mana2. Toleh kiri sale, toleh kanan sale, jalan ke depan sale, pusing belakang sale, memang boleh meroyan lah nanti. Macam2 dah I terfikir2 nak beli ni😀.

Anyway, bila diaorang habis painting tadi I asked The Other Half to stop over at the butcher sebab dia nak buat BBQ esok and I haven’t bought the meat for it. While waiting for his turn to be served, something happened…

Guy A: Excuse me, does your wife have a blog? Salam Dua Benua? I recognised you.

The Other Half: Yes, she does.

Guy A: My wife reads your wife’s blog but she’s never left a comment. This must be Miss 11!

At which stage Miss 11 had an attack of shyness and hid behind The Other Half. (This is one of the good things of having a Dad that’s triple your size so you can hide easily behind him, muahahaha). Apalah Miss 11 ni, baru aje 1% femes dah malu2, kalau nanti dia jadi model femes 1 dunia, how kan! Hahahahaha ;-P.

The Other Half: Oh, your wife should leave a comment. My wife’s always happy to reply to the comments🙂.

Balik tu, The Other Half and Miss 11 terus cerita kat I yang tetiba diaorang terperasan femes sekejap, hikhikhik….

Kalau lepas ni The Other Half suddenly nak pakai sunglasses pergi mana2, I tau lah kenapa, wakakaka….

Something similar happened to me jugak..

Masa I pergi K Mart about 2 weeks ago, a nice young lady came up to me and said, “Akak ni Lemongrass yang ada blog tu ke?”.

I said, “yes🙂”.

Then she said, “my friend loves to read your blog!

Terkejut I sekejap sebab ada orang perasan I siapa and what made it really funny sebab this girl was in Perth on holidays and then boleh terjumpa dengan I kat K Mart!! Betapa kecik lah dunia ni kan, hehehe. And we ended up taking and chatting for about half an hour in K Mart but stupid me, I terlupa sangat2 tanya nama dia😦. Borak sikit punya tapi and siap ambik gambar bagai tapi nama tak tau, hahahaha….

Anyway, punyalah jauh I melalut. Actually I nak cerita what I did with Miss 6 kat rumah tadi. I saje2 nak play around with the camera and this foam board I bought hari tu to act as a light reflector. I still have a lot to learn but I’m thankful my ‘model’ was cooperative and cute enough to make the photos cantik, hikhikhik…


No, it’s not raining out there. It’s just our sliding door being so dirty after the heavy rain on Thursday, hehehe…




I said to Miss 6 to do whatever memek muka yang dia nak, hahahaha…

Sape nak ambik dia jadi model, bolehlah berurusan dgn I ye, the manager! hikhikhik😉.

Malam ni for dinner I masak roast maryland with breadcrumb stuffing. The Other Half loves chicken with stuffing sebab mengingatkan dia kat Christmas masa dia kecik2 dulu. So, I tadi konon2nya rajin, pergi lah deboned the chicken legs and put stuffing in it. Punyalah leceh and banyak kerja I kena buat, memang lah I takkan buat lagi lepas ni! hahaha


Roast chicken maryland with baked sweet potatoes, sauteed zucchini, green salad and fries.


Next time I akan sumbat aje stuffing tu dalam whole chicken. Tak kuasa I nak debone2 lagi unless I am feeling extra extra rajin and homely!

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