>Why are crabs like ribs?


Malam ni we had beef ribs for dinner sebab The Other half yang ditugaskan pergi butcher semalam so terus rambang mata lah dia and he wanted to try to cook ribs. I’ve cooked ribs before but I did it in the oven, slow cooked. We’ve heard so many stories about how nice BBQ ribs are and how juicy and yadda yadda yadda…..

Tu yang The Other Half pun tergoda and beria beli 1.5kg of ribs! Actually bukan salah dia beli banyak macam tu, kat butcher tu cuma jual ribs in big pieces. Ye lah, ribs lembu kan, obviously besar gedabak lah if they cut it lengthway :-). And I guess with ribs, lagi banyak tulang and lemak dari daging.

Tu yang The Other Half asked me lepas dia makan ribs tadi. “So, why are crabs like ribs?” I said, “Because they are both messy to eat. And not much meat/flesh to satisfy my hunger after all those hard work!” Hehehehe….

Tu sebab The Other Half tak suka makan crabs unless ada dayang2 kat tepi yang sudi/sukarela patah2kan the crab legs and scoop the flesh out for him, hikhikhikhik…. Sudah semestinya dayang2 itu bukan I lah!

So, ini lah our dinner tonite, ribs with crusty bread (cooked on the barbie) and sauteed veges.



Tengok lah our juicy ribs ni. Tapi kan we had to throw away half of it kot sebab cuma lemak and bones, hehehe.


We put a tray of water underneath the bread masa tengah masak tu untuk bagi the crust lagi crusty. Miss 11 loves crusty bread :-). She ate probably half of the loaf tadi, hehehe.


We might ask the butcher to cut the ribs into smaller pieces next time :-).


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