>Dragonese and fish


Miss 6 is reading the book ‘How to speak Dragonese’ by Cressida Cowell, the same author who wrote ‘How to train your dragon’. So, sejak dari tadi, she’s been speaking Dragonese to us! First she spoke Dragonese to The Other Half until The Other Half dah tak larat nak dengar and asked her to just read the d**n book quietly, hehehe. And now, she’s speaking Dragonese to me and since I ni kan Ibu Mithali, dengar and angguk2 aje lah sambil cuba teka what she was saying. The things we do for the people we love, hikhikhik….

Man oh man, she can’t even speak English properly yet, and now she’s talking to us in Dragonese! Muahahahaha. Yang nak tergelak nya, everytime she tries to say the words, she’ll burst out laughing because she thinks it’s hilarious. I pun ikut sama gelak sebab tengok dia gelak, bukan sebab the language is hilarious, hahahahaha…

But at least she’s reading right! ;-).

I just hope she stops speaking Dragonese soon though sebab dah tak larat telinga I dengar, hehehehe….

Tonite for dinner, we had fish n chips, makanan asasi orang OZ ni :-). Tapi I crumbed the fish myself lah sebab malas nak pergi kedai tadi just to buy the ready made crumbed fish. Dalam magic freezer I tu I jumpa barramundi fillet so tu yang buat fish n chips.



Esok nak masak apa pulak ye?


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