>Saturday at the park


It’s the start of the long weekend today sebab Monday is another public holiday in WA. But The Other Half has to fly off to Sydney again esok pagi until Tuesday night so we are going to have just a threesome Sunday and Monday again :-(. Tak best lah kan nak celebrate Public Holiday without 1 important family member by your side. Tu sebabnya, tengah hari tadi I ajak The Other Half to take The Little Misses for a picnic lunch at the park so at least they won’t feel miserable tak keluar ke mana2 on Monday.

Actually sebenranya I yang beria2 ajak ke park tu so I can harness my skills using the DSLR. And sambil2 tu boleh lah berpicnic sekali kan and making the girls happy sebab dapat pergi park :-). Killing 2 birds with 1 stone lah! The weather was good, cloudy but no rain so sedap aje lah melepak2 on the picnic rug kan sambil berposing bagai (including me too, hehehe).

Seperti biasa, layan aje lah ye a few photos of us..



Yang ni pun, awal2 dah tanggal her jumper sebab kepanasan from running around :-).


Berpeluh2 minah ni sebab berlari2 and memanjat non-stop….



Hikhikhik….macam takde tempat lain nak bersandar! Saje je nak tunjuk I mengada2 pergi park pun nak bergaya lebih2, hahahaha… Winter is here so I can officially wear the boots! The Other Half said when he saw me in the gear, “I think you might be a bit overdressed :-). We are just going to the park.” I said to him, “Everytime we go to the park, I always wear jeans n yucky tops. Once in a while, I want people to see me as yummy mummy at the park!” Muahahahahahahaha ;-). Bila lagi nak perasan kan :-D.

Oh lupa pulak nak cerita, I made kuih ketayap for morning tea pagi tadi sebab tetiba macam rasa nak menggulung aje. Ni sebab tengok kat rumah Kak Watie lah.


Tapi ketayap I tak cantik, selekeh aje I gulung, hehehe…

And I made pasta with shredded BBQ chicken and bread for dinner. Pesto pasta sauce tu I pakai Pakcik Leggo’s nya paste, senang giler nak buat, hehehe…




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