>Silent Sunday


I’m not in the mood to blog tonite sebab Miss 6 is not well and The Other Half is in Sydney. I just want to lie in bed and read a book.

Last nite, masa tengah lena tidur, suddenly there was a knock on our bedroom door and the sound of Miss 6 sobbing. Dengan mamai2 nya, I bukak pintu and asked her what’s wrong. She said she had such a bad ear pain. So, she ended up sleeping with us after a dose of panadol. She was ok during the day but it got bad again tonite. Dah bagi panadol pun still complained sakit lagi. And on top of that, she’s started coughing again. Oh well, probably another sleepless night for us both tonite.

I’ll just put up what I had for dinner tonite.


I had nasi putih with telur and tahu goreng, terung goreng with cili and the centrepiece of it…..


sambal goreng tempe with kacang and ikan bilis. Dah lama betul I tak makan benda ni. Heaven sangat2 dapat meratah samabl goreng ni. Rasa macam nak tambah nasi banyak2 kali aje just so I could eat it with the sambal goreng!


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