>What’s so good about stocktake sale? ;-)


Did I go to the stocktake sale? Yes, I did! Did I buy anything? Yes, I did! (not just 1 thing, a few many things, hehehehe). But I only bought I Tefal frying pan aje, tak memborong banyak2 pun. I cannot borong banyak2 sebenarnya sebab my pots and pans are still in very good condition so tu yang takde excuse for me to buy new ones. I beli frying pan tu pun sebab my excuse was, I don’t have a frying pan that size! Hikhikhik…..

I’m still using the pots n pan set that we bought with the gift voucher we received on our wedding day. Kiranya dah nearly 15 years lah kan the set but still in very good condition. Cuma tak bersinar2 macam baru2 beli dulu lah. Itu yang I tak boleh nak beli new ones, hehehe. And lepas ni I can’t buy new frying pan lah sebab Tefal’s supposed to last a very long time kan. And I still have the glass Vision saucepans yang I beli masa student dulu. That’s the problem when you buy good quality stuff kan, they last a long time so you can’t shop for new stuff! :-D. Kiranya I kena tunggu another 10-15 years kot before I can change to a brand new set of pots and pans. Uwahhhh…..lamanya kena tunggu!!!!! Hahahahhahaha……

But masa I tengah mengukur aisles kat Big W tadi, I saw that they were having Corelle sale as well. Macam2 corak ada. From abstract to bunga2, semua dia jual. And from the square sets to the old round sets, semua ada. But it wasn’t much of a sale lah, the square set tu I think they normally sell it at $85 for a 16-piece set and tadi they were selling them at $68 kot. And they were also selling the corelle loose so I pun beli lah 1 square ‘Mandarin flower’ plate khas untuk ambik gambar :-). I like the design because it’s so simple and uncluttered.


Inilah the lone plate that I bought :-). 1 keping aje yg I beli tau, bukan 1 set! hikhikhik….


And this is the frying pan that I bought. Kecik aje, 26cm. Harga asal was $49 and tadi lepas 50% off, I got it for $24.50 aje so memang berbaloi sangat2 lah kan beli masa sale ni.

Hah, cepatlah Indah, suruh your adik ipar gi borong kat KMart tu!!! hehehehehe….

So, lepas penat bershopping, I pun masak yang simple aje. Masak guna packet kari ready made :-). I made green chicken curry with beans and red prawn curry for dinner tadi. Since both pedas sikit, I masak ayam kicap aje untuk The Little Misses.



Senang aje masak green and red curries ni, tinggal tambah ayam, udang and the sayur aje, terus siap. Tak sampai pun 15 minit, hehehehe. Tu yang I kata I love ready made pastes ni!


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