>Sun-day, pruning day….


Luckily it was such a gorgeous and warm day today. We had planned to do our ‘kemas kebun’ day pagi tadi since esok is the greens collection day in our neighbourhood. Kat Perth ni (and I think around OZ as well), every suburb is allocated greens collection day twice a year. Greens collection day ni is when you can put out all your green waste i.e. tree prunings, dead branches, lawn clippings and everything that comes from trees on the kerbs for the council workers to pick them up to be munched. Kat OZ ni, you can’t just prune your trees and leave the branches lying everywhere. Tu yg last time masa we pruned the lemon tree, we had to leave the branches under the lemon tree aje sebab belum sampai our turn for green collection day.

So, tadi The Other Half and I pruned our lemon tree sampai betul2 bare sebab it’s gone wild! We pruned it last in January kot and it was at the fence level. Pagi tadi before we pruned it, the highest branch was at our roof level and there were leaves and branches everywhere and not many lemons at all. The Other Half and I tadi memang cantas habis2 all the branches and left only the big branches for it to grow again. Sebelum ni, kalau I stood at the kitchen window, I could only see the lemon tree. Now, I can see everything, including the neighbour’s bathroom window and bedroom window! Hikhikhikhikhik……. (Nasib baik ada 6-foot tall fence in between our houses so tak lah boleh nampak perkara2 yang tak patut di nampak dek mata I ni!). Dah lah semua bujang nerds yang tinggal kat sebelah rumah ni :-).

Lepas we’ve done the pruning, we stacked the cut branches neatly by the roadside on the lawn. Pastu, nak stack the branches pun kena ada special way! The cut ends have to face the road so senang lah the council workers nak pick up the branches kan :-D. Kalau kat rumah my parents kat kampung tu, lepas trim pokok, terus aje diaorang bakar, hehehe….

And since we all nak kerja keras pagi tadi kan, I made scones with cream and jam for breakfast.


Sikitnya lama ke nak ambik gambar angle yang menarik kononnya, sampai meleleh2 strawberry jam I tu, hehehe…. Orang lain dah habis makan 2 biji scones, I baru nak duduk start makan :-).


And I made rice pilaf for dinner. The reason I masak nasi again after baru aje beberapa hari makan nasi hari tu was because I found a kari in the magic freezer. I was ‘selokar’ ing my freezer cari benda nak masak for dinner and I found this container of curry. Bila punya curry, dont ask! Bila I defrost it, tengok2 rupa2nya kari daging bertulang (probably yang I masak in the oven zaman dulu tu kot, hehehehe). Dari tersimpan lebih lama, baiklah I masak nasi kan to eat with the curry.


So far, tak sakit perut lagi (cuma senak perut sebab makan banyak sangat ada lah!, hahahaha).


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