>Love you forever for a biscuit?


The other day, The Other Half said to me, “do you know what I would really really like if you were so nice to make for me? This biscuit with raspberry jam filling and then icing on top and jelly sprinkles on top of this icing. Mum used to make them when I was small and I loved them. The taste is just heaven!

I said to him, “you mean Belgian biscuit, the spicy one?” He said, “yes! that’s the one. I’ll love you forever and ever if you can make them for me.

(He’s very easily pleased. Bake cookies untuk dia, dia dah boleh sayang kita forever. But susah pulak kan nanti kalau ada orang lain yang pandai2 aka mengada2 nak bake cookies for him jugak! hehehehe 😉).

So, sebab I want him to love me forever and ever, I pun baked him the Belgian biscuits, hahahaha.

Why are they called Belgian biscuits? I don’t know and I malas nak google the answer. Kalau you all rajin, you all google lah sendiri ye for the reason behind that name.


Kalau you all nak recipe, I guna the recipe from here. I have no idea authentic ke tak recipe ni but from memek muka The Other Half  when he ate them, obviously they tasted really good. But instead of guna coloured sugar to sprinkle on top of the icing, I guna grape jelly crystals sebab The Other Half kata Mak dia buat dulu guna jelly crystals. And since wife dia ni tak nak kalah dengan Mak Mertua, I sanggup pi cari jelly crystals kat kedai grocery halal tadi, hehehehe. And sanggup The Other Half tolong I tabur the crystals on the biscuits sebab dia yang beria2 nak makan biskut ni kan :-).

Terubat rindu The Other Half nak makan biskut kesukaan dia ni :-). Makin bertambah gemuk lah laki I lepas ni sebab bini dia dah pandai buat jam doughnuts and belgian biscuits ni, hikhikhik. Janganlah dia mintak I buat benda tiap2 minggu, tak kuasa I!

(lepas ni I boleh lah cakap dengan Mak mertua, “ha..ha…. I know how to make the biscuits now!” muahahhaha… terus kena cop menantu derhaka kalau berani cakap dengan dia macam tu 🙂).

I said to The Other Half, “bolehlah buat biskut ni for Raya macam ni kan sebab they are really pretty and nice.” Then The Other Half said, “Have you got any friends to come over for Raya? :-P.” Cisss………

For lunch tadi, I teringin sangat nak makan prawns rice paper rolls. Nak keluar pergi kedai nak beli, tak sanggup weh sebab hujan selebat lebatnya so buat lah sendiri. Nasib baik semua ingredients ada kat rumah.


And for dinner pulak, I made soft tacos.


Minced beef tacos. I guna ready made seasonings aje.

I feel so full after a day of eating, Alhamdulillah…….

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