>What am I craving for?


Have you ever felt like eating something or craving for something but don’t know what you are craving for?

I rasa I’ve been overeating for the past few days sebab I’ve been making/baking/cooking things but I still feel like there’s something missing. Tekak and perut I macam nak makan something and then bila tangan I dah penat masak and mulut dah merasa the food and perut dah kenyang, still tak rasa satisfied. Macam benda yang I makan and masak tu tersilap and not what my heart desires. But I don’t know what it is that will make me go, “oh yummmmm, that really hit the spot. Just what I needed!” Heran betul lah kan…..

I tak tau whether I’m craving for something savoury or sweet or Western or Asian or Middle Eastern…..

Or maybe…I’ve eaten too much and too many different things, sampai otak and perut I so confused kot, tu yang they give so many mixed messages :-D. Probably they are trying to tell me to stop eating and start exercising again kot, hikhikhikhik……

Like tonite, The Other Half wasn’t home for dinner so I masakkan sausage and chips for The Little Misses and I didn’t know what I want for dinner. I wasn’t that enthused about sausages. And then tadi melawat rumah Jaja and nampak dia masak mee kari so I pun rasa macam nak makan mee kari jugak. So I made mee kari for dinner.

Lepas habis masak and siap tangkap gambar bagai, terus lah I makan. But after eating a few bites, I felt like it wasn’t what I really wanted to eat but since I dah masak, takkan nak buang macam tu aje kan so makan lah jugak sampai separuh dengan muka terkulat2, hehehe…..

And now I’m eating mango yoghurt while thinking whether I really2 want to eat it or just because I want something to nibble on……..

Inilah rupa my seafood mee kari yang I couldn’t habiskan….


(nak tangkap gambar punya pasal, I had to pierce the fishcake with the chopsticks sebab nak bagi dia duduk terletak cantik aje. But it ended up with the chopstick di awang2an, hahahahaha).

Maybe I nak suruh orang masakkan untuk I kot, baru I rasa fully satisfied. Macam ni, kena ajak The Other Half pergi makan kat luar lah, hehehehe…


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