>Craving satisfied…..


Last night was late night shopping in the suburbs and I said to The Other Half yang I want to eat out. Dia seperti biasa akan kata OK aje sebab he just can’t contemplate having to cook dinner himself sebab I’m not in the mood to cook :-).

And betul seperti jangkaan, my craving was fully satisfied by having someone else cooked for me aka eating out, hahahahaha. I guess I wasn’t craving any specific food, I was just craving to go out. We only had chicken briyani and some curries last night but it was marvellous no thaving to cook and wash the dishes afterwards. Kesian kan I sebab nampak sangat yang we rarely go out for dinner, hikhikhikhik. I think sejak balik from M’sia in January hari tu, I can count on my fingers berapa kali aje we bought take aways. But I guess take aways don’t count kan sebab makan kat rumah and I still have to clean up the dishes after that.

It’s not The Other Half yang tak nak makan kat luar but it’s me yang rasa macam tak berbaloi aje makan kat luar since I can cook most of the stuff at home. I yang rasa macam buang duit aje makan kat luar. tu lah sebabnya we rarely go out. Even Miss 6 was saying last night, “I can’t remember what eating at a foodcourt feels like!” Punyalah teruk kan, what a life ;-). Pastu I said to her yang it shows that her Mum can cook since she can only remember eating at home, hehehehehe.

And since we only went to the foodcourt at the shopping complex aje, we had time to window shop and shop as well. Seronok betul part ni, kakakakakaka…..

And I pun masuk Target sebab dia ada sale (sokmonya sale kan sekarang ni!) kitchenware. Lepas melawat all the aisles, I found these 2 things that I’ve been wanting for quite some time.


Ceramic pie weights and candy thermometer.


Ini rupa ceramic pie weights to dari dekat. Cantik aje kan rupa dia.

Selama2 ni bila buat pie and the recipe says to bake it blind, I selalu guna lentils aje as the weight. And lepas guna tu, I simpan the lentils so I can use them again next time I want to bake blind. But lentils ni tak berat sangat and halus2 pulak tu so kadang2 berterabur gak when I’m a bit clumsy. So, hopefully dah jumpa ceramic pie weight ni yang lagi berat, makin rajin lah I meng ‘pie’ kan, hehehehe.

And candy thermometer ni memang dari dulu I cari tapi tak jumpa. Konon2 nya nak guna bila buat caramel or fudge or candy ke. Mana lah tau kan tiba2 I ter rajin, hikhikhikhik……


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