>Chocolate for sale :-)


On Friday, The Little Misses left school carrying a box of Caramello Cadbury choocolates. It’s for the school’s Cadbury Fundraiser drive. At their old school, we had food stalls to raise money for the school and parents contributed by either donating cakes to be sold or buying the cakes sold.

At their current school, so far takde food stalls as a means to raise money for the school. But we have raffles, ‘voluntary’ contributions and now this Cadbury fundraiser drive. Each family is allocated a box (or more kalau nak) of 24 Cadbury caramellos to sell to family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Untung betul sape yang ada ramai family members duk dekat2 tu sebab boleh lah jual all the chocs to them. Macam we all yang takde sorang pun family members kat sini, terpaksalah jual kat colleagues and friends, hehehe.

Kalau jual kat Malaysia to my rellies, memang lah tak cukup 1 kotak rasanya kan :-). Adik beradik aje dah maybe 2 kotak, pastu sepupu sepapat, makcik pakcik, tok nenek lagi….. Kira boleh menang the most-chocolate seller title lah kan, hikhikhikhik….



Sape nak tolong beli chocolates banyak2 ni, meh lah datang sini ye! Harga dia $2.50/bar, sambil menggemukkan badan makan chocolates, sambil tu boleh tolong raise money for The Little Misses’ school :-).

I said to The Other Half, “why don’t we sell it for a $1.50/bar and top up the rest with our own money.” Sure lagi cepat laku kan macam tu sebab people will definitely buy them at the reduced price :-). He’s just going to put the whole box at his work and pray that people will buy them.

Miss 6 and Miss 11 kata that they can help eat the leftovers yang tak terjual tu :-D. Sekarang pun asik jeling2 aje kat the chocolate box tu kot2 mana lah tau kan their Mummy and Daddy baik hati campakkan 1 or 2 to them, hikhikhik……

And for dinner tonite pulak, The Other Half mintak nasi. I don’t know what’s wrong with that mamat lah, padahal baru aje makan nasi on Thursday nite! ;-).

I told him, boleh makan nasi but I want chinese style dishes instead of mamak style dishes. That’s why I made sauteed egg tofu with prawns, stirfry chicken with veges and cashews and ayam goreng.



Even Miss 6 makan bertambah ;-). She said, “I love cashews and chicken cooked together Mummy!” hahahaha….


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