>2 more weeks….


Lagi 2 minggu I nak celebrate my 40th birthday which for me is such a big milestone lah kan. Dah tua I ni kan (tapi kadang2 masih terperasan muda, hahahahaha). I dengan The Other Half selalu a bit stressed bila nak dekat2 our birthdays ni sebab tak tau nak beli kan hadiah apa for each other. It’s not like we have everything so we don’t want anything. It’s more that we have enough and we are quite satisfied with what we already have. Kalau memang banyak duit, I would ask them to buy me the best macro lens and some other lenses as well. But duit kat pocket tak sebanyak itu so kenalah kuburkan that wish (for the time being 😉).

This year pun sama jugak lah, tak tau nak beli apa (lagi lah sekarang ni kat mana2 tengah sale mega2 so tu yang lagi susah nak pilih nak apa kan! ). But lepas fikir2 2-3 kali, I said to The Other Half that I know what I need this year (need instead of want ye Tuan2 and Puan2). And I told him that I’m going to buy the present myself but I’ll let him wrap it and give it to me on my birthday. So, tadi I pun pergi lah beli my present tu and showed it to The Other Half. He said that I made a good choice with the present, hehehehe. He’ll wrap it and keep it until my birthday :-).

And he has already told me what he’s going to buy for me on behalf of The Little Misses sebab he just wanted to know whether I would like it or not. Kiranya memang takde surprise langsung lah kan, hahahaha. I like surprises but I like it even more if I would like the presents, tu yang The Other Half lagi suka suruh I beli sendiri :-D.

Tapi, I have to berlakon on that day and buat muka surprise giler2 lah. So I kena start berlatih from now lah kan untuk jadi pelakon wanita terbaik on that day, hikhikhik….. I’m still thinking whether I should start writing the acceptance speech as well…..

Oh, I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much…… I would like to thank my family, my friends yadda yadda yadda…


Now, he has to tell me what he wants so I can get it for him….

And we are also going somewhere far away as our joint birthday present (but The Little Misses will be tagging along as well sebab masa tu tengah school holidays).

Hari ni I puasa again so only 1 more day to go tomorrow. Pastu boleh raya, hehehehe…..

I cakap nak buat kuih melayu kan for buka puasa so I made jemput2 pisang tadi. Itu kuih melayu kan! :-D.

And for dinner, I made chicken, leek and veges honey mustard pie. I guna my ceramic pie weights but tak cukup banyak for the big size pie. I should have bought 2 packets of that thing, baru lah boleh mampatkan the base kan.

Ini untuk Aida sebab dia nak tau macam mana nak guna the ceramic weights.


The uncooked base in the pie pan. I guna yang dah ready rolled chortcrust pastry, tu yang menampal2 everywhere sebab tak cukup besar :-).


Then, you letak baking paper to cover the base and the side and put the ceramic weights in it. Pastu baru bakar in the oven (without the filling) for about 10-15 minutes. This is what’s called ‘baking blind’ in cooking term. It’s done so the base doesn’t go all puffed up and soggy when you put the filling in.

Tapi I lupa ambik gambar lepas letak filling and before di bakar…


And this is the inside of the pie..


It’s Winter so leek is in season and The Other Half loves leek. Tu yang  buat this pie. I yang puasa tapi dia punya favourite dish, hehehe….


Sebab dah penuh dengan veges dalam pie ni, tak payah lah I susah payah masak side veges kan.


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