>It was freaking cold!


We had to go out after maghrib tadi to attend an info session nite at Miss 11’s future high school. It only went for an hour and finished at 7.45 mcm tu. As soon as we left the hall, Miss 6 said, “Mummy, it’s so cold, my teeth are shattering!” I said to her “you mean chattering :-)?” She said, “that’s right! I can’t stop them chattering.

Mummy pun masa tu was trying to walk as fast as she could to reach the car so we could luxuriate infront of the heater, hehehe. It was really really cold even though we were well rugged up. I think the temperature at that time was around 6C kot which is quite cold lah Perth standard. This was how we looked…


She had her beanie, scarf, jumper, mittens, socks and layers of tshirts.


While I had my scarf on my head (instead of beanie), scarf around the neck, fingerless mittens, thermal t-shirt, long-sleeved tshirt and a warm jumper.

(Don’t ask why I ambik gambar mengada2. Geleng kepala The Other Half tengok perangai bini dia, muahahahaha. Actually I saje nak tunjuk purple mittens I tu 😉)

Actually I tak lah gemuk sangat, cuma the layers of clothing tu yang membuatkan I nampak gemuks! (Wakakaka, masih tak nak mengaku lagi tu yang the weighing scale is correct 🙂).

The Other Half said to me, “I don’t think you can live in Invercargill Dear. This is warm by their standard.” Invercargill tu kampung dia!

Mentang2lah dia dilahirkan and dibesarkan kat southern most part of NZ tu and berjiran dengan penguins kat Antartica tu and I lahir and dibesarkan kat sunny hot Malaysia….. But to tell you the truth, I would rather have this cold weather than panas berpeluh2 all the time, hehehehe…..

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