>Toy sale everywhere!!!!


Here in OZ, most kids will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of July. Why, you might ask…

Because of the arrival of these things in the mailbox…


The extravaganza Toy Sale catalogues!!!!!!

Every year in July, all the major departmental stores will be having a mega toy sale. Why in July? I guess so people can put the toys they want on lay-bys and then pay for them bit by bit and just have enough time to pay them fully by Christmas.

That’s what a lot of people do here. Kalau you all pergi the stores on the first day of the toy sale, Mak Oi, macam apa aje. Memang tak boleh gerak kadang2 and everyone will be pushing the biggest trolley they could find and setiap trolley tu will be choc-a-block with toys! And kadang2 tu, most of the shelves will be empty! Kalau you all pergi lambat sikit, nangis aje lah yang you all boleh buat sebab everything dah habis.

And can you imagine, what happened when 2 little girls saw 3 thick toy catalogues?

Bangun tidur catalogue, makan catalogue, duduk catalogue, dalam kereta catalogue, nak tidur catalogue! Muahahahahahaha…


And if you can see, some of the toys have already been circled :-). Dua2 beradik tu sama ligat you, tak padan sorang kecik and sorang besar. The circled toys tu kiranya the toys that they wished for and kalau Santa Claus baik hati this year, dapatlah diaorang the toys, hikhikhikhik…….

The other day, we got a $200 gift cards from Big W for our frequent flyer points and we told The Little Misses that they can have $25 each to spend on anything they want. Tu yang segala toys yang $25 kalau boleh diaorang nak circle, hehehehe……

(Tapi dalam hati sure kata, apasal lah Mak Pak kita ni tak se kaya Bill Gates ye… Macam mana kita nak beli semua benda dalam catalogue ni :-(…).

You better start collecting all the coins you found on the floor then, hahahahahaha….

They are not into clothes and books pulak we can get from the library. So, everytime they get some money gifts, memang akan pergi ke toys lah. Padahal every year, memang we all akan buat spring cleaning of their toys and donate their unwanted toys to Good Sammy. But still nak jugak beli toys kalau ada pocket money lebih :-).

But at least, nowadays, the toys that they bought mostly revolves around Littlest Pet Shop toys, Polly Pockets toys and Lego. And they do play with them (even Miss 11 yang konon2nya dah besar tu). I know she still loves playing with LPS and Polly Pocket toys but she would be horrified if her classmates found out. So uncool to be seen playing with them at that age I guess :-). But Lego is still a cool toy for a kid her age to play with kan!

Ada sape2 big kiddies out there yang tiba2 rambang mata tengok the toy catalogues ni ke? hikhikhik…..

Since I ter rajin tulis entry during the day, obviously I cannot tayang gambar our dinner lah kan. But I’ll just tayang gambar the bread I made this afternoon untuk makan with dinner tonite.



Continental bread loaf (but I tak bake lama sgt so tak tebal sgt crust dia). Malam ni I malas betul nak masak so I might just make scrambled eggs with sausages and thne makan dengan toasted bread. Sedapkan! :-).


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