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We have finally sold 22 bars of the chocolates and we got about $48 for them. The Other Half put them at the reception area at his office with a note attached “Pay what you think is appropriate, max $2.50” So, dapat 48 dollars for them tu kira sangat lah bestnya because we weren’t expecting anything. We were just going to buy them all ourselves at first, hehehe. Phew, thank goodness that fundraising bit is over. I wonder what’s next?

I’m going to put up the recipe for the Continental Bread that I made the other day. Roti ni takde susu or gula or telur so dia tak selembut roti yg bersusu but still gebu. But sesuai lah untuk makan with savoury stuff jugak (makan dengan butter aje pun sedap).

I dapat recipe ni dari buku recipe breadmaker I tu and dapat 2 very big loaves.

Continental Bread



  • 420mls air (kalau buat pakai tangan, guna air suam)
  • 1 tablepoon (20mls) minyak masak (I guna olive oil/canola oil)
  • 2 teaspoons garam
  • 500g (3 1/2 cups) tepung roti
  • 250g (1 1/2 cups) tepung gandum
  • 2 tsp instant yeast (mauripan or yang seangkatan dengan nya)

*Measurement ni untuk cuaca OZ so kalau kat tempat lain, maybe you kena adjust sikit air and tepung tu, so dapat dough yg lembut.

Cara2 membuatnya:

-Kalau menggunakan breadmaker, masuk kan bahan ikut turutan BM tu and boleh guna function ‘continental’ or function ‘dough’.

-Selepas selesai ‘dough’ cycle, knead the dough and shape ikut citarasa sendiri. I buat jadi 2 big free-form loaves aje. I cuma letak atas tray. Let it rise  for 30 minutes or longer until double in size.

-Kalau takde BM, larutkan yeast dalam air suam sehingga berbuih (maybe around 15-20 minutes). Then add the olive oil to the yeast mixture.

-In a big bowl, add both flours and salt, mix well. Add the yeast mixture to the flours and uli sehingga adunan tak melekat kat tangan dan dough tu spring back when you press it.

– In a clean oiled bowl, let the dough rise until double in size. Bila dah rise, punch and knead it again for about 2 minutes and shape the dough into equal pieces. Let them rise again until double in size.

-Sebelum bakar dalam oven, brush the top of the bread with milk and sprinkle plain flour on top to make it crustier (tak buat pun takpe, I tak buat 🙂).

-Bakar in 190°C oven for about 30-40 minutes depending on the size of your bread loaves.

Ada 1 more loaf lagi kat dalam fridge tu from when I made it the other day :-).

And for tonite’s dinner, I made beef parmigiana which is crumbed beef schnitzel top with tomato salsa/pasta sos and grated cheese and grilled until the cheese has melted. makan dengan fries and cucumber+carrot salad.


Gambar jauh, nampak meleleh2 cheese tu kan. I guna colby cheese which is milder and ‘stringier’ than the normal cheddar cheese. Kat sini cheese tak lah mahal mana, about $10/kg block. Tu yg cepat no habis kat rumah ni.


Ini pulak gambar dekat, nak bagi you all pulak yang meleleh2 air liur tengok the cheese, hikhikhikhik…..


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