>A road trip we will go, a road trip we will go…


Hari ni last day of the school term and lepas ni The Little Misses will be having a 2-weeks break. Its’s quite nice sebab our birthdays all coincide with the school holidays. Miss 11’s is normally during the end of first term holiday, then we all pulak during the winter holidays and Miss 6’s is during the end of term 3 holidays. Cuma The Little Misses lah kesian sikit sebab tak dapat celebrate at school, hehehe….

And this time, our Winter holidays will be a bit special because we are going on a road trip. Well, if you live in a state as big as WA ni, nak pergi kemana2 pun akan jadi a road trip!

We are going to Monkey Mia and Shark Bay (which is still in WA) next week which is about 900kms from our house. Kiranya macam Singapore nak pergi Perlis lah eh, hehehe. But kat M’sia ada PLUS highway and so many R&Rs which makes driving a breeze. Kat sini ni, our country highways are basically only 2 lanes jalan bertar aje and not many R&R’s along the way and max 110km/hr.The Little Misses dah tak sabar2 nak go on this road trip but the trip ke camp ground yang only 1 jam dulu tu pun dah kata lama, they will be so so surprise with this one, hehehehe….

Tapi takpe, we’ve got our bases covered to not let them get bored. They’ve got Nintendo DS to play with, portable dvd players to watch in the car, dvds to listen to, books to read if they are not carsick, toys to play with and each other to argue with! (yang last ni akan membuatkan Mummy and Daddy mengamuk lah kan, hehehe). We are also stopping at nice playgrounds along the way so everyone can stretch their legs. But most of the time, it will be just a lonnnnnnngggg stretch of nothing except wildflowers :-).

But we’ll be stopping at Geraldton on the way there for 1 night so it won’t be such a long drive. And then straight to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins and the dugongs and the stromatolites. Hopefully, the dolphins will come out to play while we are there. And then staying there for 3 nights before coming back home. This will be the longest trip we’ve ever done. Dulu pernah pergi south but cuma 4 hours driving aje.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, hehehehe….

I almost forgot, Miss 6 went to a birthday party tonite, the theme ‘disco dance’! I thought of getting her an afro wig and then some sequin dress, but we ended up just buying a feather boa and sparkly skirt for her. Kesian dia tak menang hadiah ‘the best dress’ tadi sebab Mummy dia tak terer mencari baju2 ala 70’s, hikhikhik….

This was how she was dressed.


Her Daddy said, “show the peace sign since the people of the 70’s love to do the peace sign!” The Other Half kata her gear is not bright enough to be from the 70’s. I said to him, “the sparkly skirt and the feathers are good enough! what more do you want 🙂


Ini pulak her pose when I asked her to do her disco moves. And obviously, she didn’t win the best dance competition either! Hahahahahahaha. She’s got 2 left feet just like her parents, hikhikhik…..

One of her classmates came as a rapper to the birthday party. I think she got the wrong decade lah kan, kahkahkahkah…

And since The Other Half ditugaskan menghantar Miss 6 to the party so he and Miss 11 went out for dinner while waiting to pick Miss 6 up again. I pun makan dinner sorang2 lah kat rumah tadi which was so cool sebab I could make kuey tiaw soup! hahahaha…


Kuey tiaw soup tapi I pergi tambah kacang goreng, bawang goreng, daun coriander and sambal kicap! hehehe


Only Miss 6 and I aje yang makan benda2 macam ni :-).


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