>A few more hours to go….


Esok my birthday but esok jugak I akan busy giler jadi Cinderella (hari2 jadi Cinderella tapi semalam, hari ni and esok memang kalah Cinderella lah) sebab Hari Selasa, our house will have its 3-monthly inspection. And pagi2 morning hari Selasa tu jugaklah we all akan start our long road trip. So, esok nak kena kemas and clean the house one final time (yet again!) and then nak kena packing segala tok nenek barang nak angkut gi Monkey Mia (minus the kitchen sink!).

We’ll be going up north for the road trip kan and the further from Perth the town is, memanglah susah nak cari halal food. And since we’ll be staying at self-contained cabins there, bolehlah I masak our own food instead of terpaksa makan vege pizza, fish n chips, seafood pasta at the restaurants all the time. Tu yang punyalah banyak barang/food yang I nak kena pack for the road trip ni. Alangkan bestnya kalau buat road trip kat M’sia kan, tinggal bawak duit aje penuh purse. Kan best kalau ada gerai jual roti canai, nasi lemak, kuey teow goreng, mee sup, pisang goreng panas, keropok lekor sepanjang2 the highway nak menuju ke Monkey Mia tu! Mau lah nanti, bertolak dari Perth berat cuma 48kg, balik ke Perth balik berat I dah 50kg! heheheheh….

Jadi, bila orang tanya I, “what did you do on your 40th birthday?”, I boleh cakap, “cleaning the house and packing!” What an interesting and memorable way to celebrate my 40th kan, hehehe. I’ll definitely tarik everyone out for dinner tomorrow nite so I can have a rest after a day of pretending to be Cinderella.

Malam ni I masak sempoi aje sebab nak menghabiskan the leftovers in the fridge. We’ll be having someone to house-sit our house when we are away so tu yang nak kena kosongkan fridge sikit. Kesian dia kalau terjumpa all these rotten food with mould in the fridge kan. Dah sahih2 dia tak nak house-sit lagi lepas ni, hehehe. So, I made mashed potato, steamed veges and leftovers sausages and schnitzel for The Other Half and The Little Misses. I pulak makan nasi and leftover kofta kari (from hari tu) and leftover sambal. (berapa punya banyak leftover stuff lah!). Nasib baik cuma kena kosongkan fridge sikit aje, kalau kena kosongkan freezer sekali, memang pengsan lah I!


Ini pinggan The Other Half and bila dia nampak the heaping mashed potato, he said, “I don’t think I can finish all that!” Alamat nampak gayanya, esok we all makan leftover mashed potato for lunch lah, hahahaha…

And Miss 11 pulak kata, “How come the broccoli is white?

Lerrr….. cauliflower dengan broccoli pun tak tau beza ke, hikhikhik. I guess sebab I ni memang jarang sgt2 beli cauliflower tu yang dia tak kenal :-).

The Other Half has just said to me, “Hey Love, only a few hours till you turn 40!”. As though I’m counting! Cissss………..


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