>Happy 40th to me.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful, kind and warm wishes and doas for me on my 40th. Semoga Allah dengar dan makbulkan doa2 everyone. I feel so blessed with what Allah has given me from birth till now and will be forever thankful.

We are going out for dinner tonite so tu yang I buat entry petang2 ni :-). I said to The Other Half, “let’s go out for dinner or you can cook me dinner on my birthday.” Obviously, he chose going out lah kan, berjaya juga reverse psychology saya, hehehehe.

When The Little Misses woke up this morning, they straight away gave me birthday kisses and hugs and their card and their present.

I pun said, “Wow! What’s this in this big bag?” dengan muka terperanjat habis. (But actually, it’s quite difficult to act surprise when you are still in bed in your pyjamas, hikhikhik). And then acted even more surprised and terharu when I saw the present. Terus saje je I tanya Miss 6, “did you choose and buy this for me?” Dengan innocent nya dia menjawab, “No, Daddy did it for us 🙂” If only diaorang tau, wehehehehe….

I actually wanted a pasta maker/cutter at first but bila fikir balik, I’m only going to use it at most 3-4 times a year. So, rasa malas pulak nak beli sebab tak tau nak sumbat/simpan kat mana dah. Pastu, berat pulaknya tu, sian kat anak2 I nak mengangkut hadiah nak bagi ke I, hahahaha. So, I The Other Half ended up buying a handbag for me. But before I he bought it for me, he said, “why do you need another 1 again? Haven’t you got enough?” Hish! Don’t talk talk like that lah, there’s no such thing as enough handbags! Muahahaha….

But I tak mintak yang mahal, sebab I ni allergic sikit lah dengan handbags mahal, hehehe ;-).


And then The Other Half pulak bagi hadiah yang dia ‘beli’ kan untuk I. Tahun ni kan, hadiah I semua beli sendiri, hikhikhik…. Itupun, The Other Half suruh I beli kan birthday kad I on his behalf. I put my foot down and said to him, “No way I’m going to buy my own birthday card! You just have to go to any shop and they’ll have 1!” Apalah!

Ini hadiah yang I needed…. Miss 6 kata, “Wow Mummy! You are lucky! You’ve got a gold watch!” Muahahaha, anak I tertipu :-).


I terpikat kat jam ni bila salesgirl tu kata, “you don’t need batteries for this watch. It runs on solar power.

Jam I yg my Dad beli when I graduated a looooong time ago dah kembali ke alam barzakh. Lama betul jam tu bertahan, memang sayang sgt2 kat jam tu tapi apakan daya, hayatnya cuma sampai tahun ni aje.

Pastu, jam Tag Heur Petaling Street I yang I beli about 7 years ago pun dah putus nyawa jugak. And yang cuma tinggal is my Swatch yang I beli 2 tahun lepas kot but battery dah kong. I malas nak tukar battery so tu yang I beli jam baru, kahkahkahkah. The Other Half kata, “You know that it’s much cheaper to change the battery than buy a new one, don’t you?” “Of course Love, but it doesn’t have the same excitement as buying a new one 🙂”.

Satu lagi hadiah I tak beli lagi sebab tak tau lagi nak beli perfume apa. Rasanya tak banyak kot perfume yang harga dia $25 or less kan, hehehehehe…..


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