>From Perth to Monkey Mia I


We didn’t get to leave the house this morning until about 9.30. Ye lah, bangun tidur aje dah pukul 6.50, pastu mandi, sarapan, getting dressed and ready, kemas rumah (again!) and packing the car, dapat keluar pukul 9.30 tu pun dah kira cukup baik kan :-). Then we stopped sekejap at the Danish Pattisserie sebab nak beli sausage rolls and pies for bekalan lunch. Kiranya pukul 10 lah baru betul2 bergerak on this long awaited road trip.

The Little Misses managed to watch all Shrek I, II and III sepanjang2 perjalanan from Perth to Geraldton! But it was really good sebab they didn’t get bored at all so tak lah bergaduh nor whining nor whinging in the back seat kan. And Mummy and Daddy dapatlah berborak2 sambil driving dengan hati yang riang ria.

And like I said, the highway from Perth to Geraldton was only 2 lanes most of the way and the speed limit was 110km/hr. Apa yang we all boleh nampak along the highways were farms, farms and more farms. From olive orchards to cattle farms to sheep farms to horse studs and also a couple of wind farms (from far). And the small towns in between Perth and Geraldton pun memang betul2 small, hehehe. We stopped at Enneabba for our lunch with a population of 256. And tempat ‘rehat’ dia cuma ada petrol station, a cafe roadhouse, an undercover area for eating and public toilets. But ok lah tu for us to keluarkan our portable gas stove to reheat the sausage rolls and pie and masak air for our kopi panas. And The Little Misses pun sempatlah berlari2 sekejap to expand some energy.


Tengoklah betapa penuhnya our boot with segala macam benda. Nasib baiklah sinki dapur pun tak diangkut sama kan.


A long stretch of the highway….. And I told you farms, farms and more farms.


This is definitely an orchard of some sort but I tak tau pokok apa kah ini. Beratus2 pokok in the orchard.


A cattle farm with its own dam.


A wind farm.

And then after berjam2 on the road, we finally got to our accmodation just before 3 pm. Lepas solat and unpacking the car, we went to Geraldton, konon2nya nak melawat the nice places around there lah. We ended up only going to the HMAS Sydney Memorial which was on top of a hill.


Dapatlah gak ambik gambar 1 famili. The dome at the back tu is made up of 645 steel seagulls, the number of lives lost when the HMAS Sydney was sunk in WWII of the coast of WA. Baru aje in 2008, the rangka of the ship was found.

Then we went back to the cabin and went to the beach which is just a 1 minute walking distance. The Little Misses pun mainlah pasir and air even though it was quite chilly while waiting for the sun to set. Tapi, takdelah sape2 yang berani nak mandi kat laut tu, hehehe…





The girls playing at the beach and……..



The sun setting at the beach.


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