>From Perth to Monkey Mia II


Before I sambung cerita our trip ni, I just want to apologize for not answering any comments. I do read all the comments (apart from some comments yang Blogger pandai2 buat magic David Copperfield with and have disappeared tak tau kemana but hopefully will reappear in due course!). Selalunya I will have time to answer each and every comment, but sejak berpoya2 on this road trip, terasa macam teramat terhad pulak masa nak lepak2 depan EEPC ni:-). Nak update bolg pun ambik masa sikit nya lama ke because I’m not used to typing and uploading photos on such a small keyboard without a mouse so everything takes extra long to do!

And then all the photos that I put up of the trip pun I tak boleh nak touch-up kasi mekap cantik2 dulu kat Picasa before post kat blog. So, all the photos memang in their natural raw form lah (tu yang gambar2 we all pun au naturel aje aka messy, hehehe).

Anyway, we managed to leave Geraldton quite early pagi tadi around 9 pagi tadi and we reached Denham at 2 pm (with a 45 minute stopover at Hamlin Pool to see the stromatolites). If you think the trip from Perth to Geraldton is boring with only farms and nothing else, wait till you see the trip from Geraldton to Denham! Lagilah teramat boring nya towards the middle and nearer the end of the journey. Just bushland and more bushland. Nak hilangkan keboringan, I started counting the roadkills by the roadside! Hahahahaha. We all jumpa about 20+ dead kangaroos and a few dead emus by the roadside. Sian diaorang, tak pasal2 kena langgar dengan the traffic. Tu lah, sape suruh tak pergi sekolah. Kalau pergi sekolah sure belajar yang before you can cross the road, you have to look right, left and then right again. Kalau clear, baru lah cross….

Some photos of this leg of our trip.


Outside of Geraldton


Northampton, a small town between Geraldton and Denham. We all tak singgah pun, just ambik gambar from inside the car aje.

Remember when I told you that the highway is only a 2-lane jalan bertar? Well, this was what happened when  a humungous oversized thing came bearing down on you from the opposite side. You quickly drove onto the shoulder and stopped and waited until the humungous thing passed you by. And since mamarazzi ada dalam kereta with her camera ready, dapat lah ambik gambar of this monster.


Punyalah bagak benda ni. I kesian kat all the vehicles that got stuck behind this truck, sampai bila pun tak dapat nak overtake kan!

And then, bila dah nak dekat ke Denham, we started seeing the ocean along the road. It was such a great sight.


And then we stopped at hamlin Pool to see the oldest living thing on the planet called the stromatolites. It’s been alive for billions and billions of years.


I know they look like rocks but believe me, they are not, hehehe. They are cyanobacteria colonies that have been continuously alive for billions of years. I said to The Other Half, “we came all this way to see this? Man! what a disappoinment!” hikhikhik…..


The girls and their shadows. I hate this angle, it makes it look like I’ve got a tummy (but not as big as Miss 6’s! muahahahaha).

Then when we reached Denham, we (The Little Misses and Dad) went fishing, I tukang ambik gambar aje. Mula2 fishing kat tepi beach aje, pastu pindah ke jetty pulak. They are going fishing again tomorrow nite sebab bila waktu malam, baru lah banyak ikan yg datang. But they are just fishing for fun not for food, hehehe.


Gaya mesti ada walaupun cuma dapat catch sekor fish aje :-). Miss 11 was so proud sbb she managed to catch 1 fish at the jetty.


Miss 6 lagi suka kutip shells dari fishing :-).


The beach memang penuh dengan shells.

Some more photos of views of Denham after sunset.





Punyalah banyak gambar I letak, it took me an hour to post N3 malam ni, sampai mata I pun dah naik kuyu, hehehe.

Tomorrow, we are going to Monkey Mia and hopefully we’ll meet the dolphins and the dugongs there.


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