>From Perth to Monkey Mia III


Since tak jumpa any dolphins nor dugongs nor sharks masa naik cruise boat tadi, we might go to Monkey Mia again esok pagi2 buat to see the wild dolphins being hand fed by the rangers. But the feeding time is only in the morning and tak tentu masa pulak tu so tu yang kena pergi pagi2. Kiranya bangun tidur, tukar baju terus pergi lah. Dolphins tu tak kisah kan we all mandi ke tak, hahaha.

And since tak dapat ambik gambar all the wide sea creatures tadi, we all ambk gambar each other aje tadi on the cat, hehehehe. It was freezing cold on the catamaran out in deep sea with the wind blowing and the so much cloud cover as well. Nasib baik lah our noses tak kena frostbite aje, hehehehe.


Miss 11 helping the catamaran crew with the sail :-).



Ada net kat tengah2 tu and you can sit on it, lie on it, walk on it to watch the sea flows pass under the boat. The yellow jacket tu provided by the crew so tu yg besar gilers, hehehe.


Berposing sesama sendiri since tak boleh nak berposing with the animals kan :-).

And then, after maghrib and dinner tadi, we went out again to the jetty to fish. Miss 11 lah yang tiba2 kemaruk nak fish again but this time The Other half yg caught 2 fish but not big enough to keep, hehehe…



Penat weh menunggu ikan2 tu nibble :-). I and Miss 6 balik villa dulu after only an hour being bored waiting, hehehehe….


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