>From Perth to Monkey Mia IV


Last nite was quite scary sebab it was raining really heavily with gale force wind the whole nite until early morning. Masa we all bangun pagi2 sebab nak tengok dolphin feeding, it was still very very windy and the ocean was extremely choppy and the waves so high (we can see the beach and the sea from our front door, posh eh! ;-)). Hehehehe….

Tapi disebabkan panggilan dolphin lagi kuat, we all gagahkan jugak keluar sejuk2 meredah jalan to Monkey Mia. On the way, we saw broken boats and stranded boats on the beach. Must have been really strong wind last nite! Kesian the boat owners :-(.

Anyhow, when we got there, luckily the dolphins were still game enough to come out to the beach to play and be hand-fed even though it was quite cold. Sempat lah tengok 2 feedings and dapatlah Miss 6 and Miss 11 got picked by the ranger to feed the dolphins, seronok lah diaorang :-).

These dolphins are wild dolphins and they are not in cages. But for 40 years, they’ve been hand fed by the rangers in the morning so their whole keturunan dah ‘jinak’ sikit lah dengan orang and dah tak takut sangat dengan orang ni. Tapi bukannya feeding times ni were set, it’s up to the dolphins when they want to come ashore to be fed and they will only get fed in the morning so these wild dolphins will still have to hunt for their food at other times in the day. Tu yang we were quite lucky pagi tadi sebab we got to see 2 feedings within 15 minutes of each other.

Layan some photos that The Other Half took this morning and some I took yesterday while waiting to board our boat.


This is a female dolphin and ada anak with her but anak dia tak berani datang ke shallow water sebab takut tersangkut. This dolphin is 33 years old (tua lagi I kan, hikhikhik).


Sempat lagi senyum tu walaupun menggigil2 kesejukan.


Busy mendengar taklimat pagi2 morning…



Yeay yeay, our turn to feed the dolphin now :-). Even though Daddy only took photos of our behinds but we are still happy, hehehehe….


The Other Half dipaksa dek I untuk ikut The Little Misses menunggu the dolphins kat tepi gigi air tu and menangkap gambar2 yg menarik of the dolphins and of the girls. He said, “it was numbingly cold in the water. I couldn’t feel my toes!”

While they were in the water, I was watching them at the jetty (yang you all boleh nampak kat gambar atas tu). But it was also sejuk giler kat atas jetty tu, rasa macam sikit lagi nak terbang kena blown by the wind.

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