>Melencong sekejap


We were supposed to have gone home straight to Perth from Denham today tapi The Other half wanted to have a 1 night rest in Geraldton and then drive home tomorrow. It’s definitely a much better idea sebab everybody needed a rest after spending 5 hours in the car especially him, the driver. So, we are staying in Geraldton tonite in a wee cabin by the seaside, the same one we stayed the first nite of our road trip.

But N3 ni, I melencong sikit lah dari letak gambar 2 and cerita our road trip sebab hari ni hari yang special for The Other Half.

But, bangun pagi tadi I lupa betul2 yang it’s The Other Half’s birthday hari ni. Semalam nak tidur I ingat, but bila bangun, lupa terus. Kesian dia sebab I tak wished him until Miss 11 bangun tidur and terus wished him. Barulah kelam kabut I wished him (apalah punya bini kan, hikhikhik…..).

Happy birthday Dearest Hubby. I do love you with all my heart. May all your dreams and wishes and desires come true. May our love stay true and strong.

Ini gambar latest of us berdua duaan, ambik petang tadi masa The Little Misses tengah busy bermain kat playground. Tersangatlah betul2 macam lagu Michael Jackson kan, ‘black or white’, hahahaha…


Ada gaya manja2 mengada tak? wehehehe…..

And ini gambar birthday boy tengah bosan driving on a very long stretch of the highway..


And ini pulak gambar tengah bosan menunggu The Little Misses tak habis2 main kat playground!


My feet are so tiny compared to his kan :-D, hehehehe

And the four of us, setelah The Little Misses puas main kat playground!


I’ll sambung cerita and gambar2 the road trip esok malam or Monday morning lah ye selepas hilang penat. Gambar our dinner pulak entah bila lah I nak start letak again, hehehehe….

(I did masak every nite sepanjang2 road trip ni but simple2 aje lah sebab tengah on holiday mode kan so tak lah I ambik gambar except one night 🙂 )……..


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