>Road signs and town names


We are finally back at our home sweet home today, Alhamdulillah. It’s so good to see our own beds, play in my own kitchen ;-), use a PC instead of EEPC to update the blog and use our own bathrooms, hehehe.

We got home around 1 o’clock tadi but have been busy with unpacking, doing the laundry and then cooking dinner. Pastu, I had to go to the laundromat for the dryer, punyalah panjang queue nak guna dryer. Mentang2 lah Perth sekarang ni tengah hujan non stop. Berjanggut tunggu my turn! Esok kena pergi lagi cos there’s 3 more loads of laundry to be done. Kalau nak jemur dalam rumah, alamat lah ambik masa seminggu baru kering, hehehe…

Ok lah, sambung balik with stories and photos from our trip ye. But tonite, I nak tayang some road signs we saw along the way coming back from Denham to Perth. Saje je tayang sebab some of them, quite unique  for OZ.

Before that, I nak tunjuk the cabin we stayed in Geraldton on the way up to Denham and also the villa we stayed in in Denham.


Ini lah cabin we all kat Geraldton, so comel kan, hehehe… Dalam tu ada double bed with a bunk bed for The Little Misses, a small dining table, a stovette (which is a small stove with attached oven), microwave, fridge, tv and ensuite bathroom. So, memang comfylah for 1 night and boleh lah nak masak our own food.


This is the villa in Denham, which is much bigger but has the same basic amenities. Sebab susah nak dapat makanan halal kat sini kan, so tu yang lagi senang cari villa or cabin yang ada cooking facilities so I can just bawak aje all the food and cook them myself. Sambil tu boleh save money on eating out kan :-).

This is at Denham. Saje tunjuk so orang percaya yang we all memang pergi Denham this holiday, hehehe.



Tengok lah, mana ada kat negara lain kan, on the same road sign, 2 gambar binatang yang sungguh berbeza, a cow and a kangaroo! Hahahaha… But selalunya waktu malam aje boleh jumpa kangaroo crossing the road ni :-).


We call these long trailers yang ada 2-3 big trailers attached to the cab ni road trains. Because diaorang memang panjang and bagak mcm train but on the road.


Drivers on the highway ni are quite berhemah, kat tempat yang ada double lanes for overtaking, diaorang akan stay in the left kalau tak nak overtake walaupun tak slow.


Kenapa I ambik gambar ni? Sebab I suka sangat2 tengok the train symbol, sebijik macam Thomas the tank engine kan, hehehehe. Mana lah ada lagi steam train kat Perth ni, but they still use that symbol for trains, so cute!


And we also have this signs along the road. Do you know what it means?

It’s the legal limit of blood alcohol reading in your body when you are driving with a full licence. So, basically you can still drink and drive, as long as it’s below 0.05. But, it doesn’t take much drink to go above 0.05 ni pun. But for a P-plater, the level is 0. You can’t drink and drive at all.

And ini pulak the names of the small towns along the way from Geraldton to Perth. So cute nama2 ni and most of them are Aboriginal names.




The Other Half and I siap argue2 manja lagi dalam kereta tadi on how to pronounce these names, hehehe.

P/S thanks for people yang sudi comment on my previous post and in the chat box. I’ll answer them when I have a bit of free time ye!


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