>From Perth to Monkey Mia V


Sebelum I jadi malas dan letih nak mengupdate continuation of our road trip story, baiklah I update cepat2 kan. Pastu, boleh I sambung balik tayang gambar our dinners yang dah terbengkalai for more than a week. Ada pulak nanti yang ingat I ni dah lupa macam mana nak masak sebab dah berhari2 takde gambar dinner, hehehe.

Anyway, we left Denham early on Saturday morning, heading towards Geraldton for our stopover. On the outskirt of Denham, we stopped at Shell Beach. It’s really amazing looking at the beach and seeing this long, brilliant white ‘sandy’ beach sejauh mata memandang. And then when you get closer, barulah you sedar yang the beach is made up entirely of shells! The beach is about 60 kilometres long, made up of this tiny white coquina bivalve shells. Rupa macam shells of kerang yg jual kat M’sia tu but so tiny and so white. Silau giler mata memandang the beach bila tak pakai sunglasses.


It’s amazing how white it is. Kalau sesiapa nak mandi kat beach ni, boleh aje but I guess no one was brave enough to mandi masa tengah Winter ni cos the water was freezing cold, hehehe. Walaupun nampak macam matahari memancar2 dengan kuatnya, tapi, believe me, it was quite chilly!




Selalunya kalau pergi pantai, main pasir and make sandcastle. But when you go to Shell Beach, you have to make shell castle :-).

Bila dah sampai Geraldton, masa The Little Misses tengah busy main kat playground tepi pantai, I pun ambik lah gambar the ocean.




I have no idea what’s the house/building in the middle of the ocean above the waterline is.


Geraldton is a port town so memang penuh dengan kapal besar2 lah.

We left Geraldton for Perth the next day, early in the morning. Some more photos of the sceneries along the way.


The structure that looks like a windmill is a waterbore. Sebab kat OZ ni kan is a dry land yang jarang2 hujan, so people use bore to find water underground for their livestocks.

And then, we saw this along the way, about 15kms of burnt trees and land from bushfire. It must have happened last Summer sebab not many trees have grown back. It looked so stark and bleak but pretty at the same time.



Some more photos of the farms along the way.


We’ve got sheep and cows here too ;-).



I think that’s enough kot of photos of the sceneries kan, I pun dah nak termuntah tengok, hehehe….

I’ll put photos of The Little Misses and of the sea creatures we saw next time kay….


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