>Sambal apakah itu?


2-3 hari ni, teringin sangat nak makan everything Asian (ye lah kan, sebab masa pergi holiday last week, hari2 bantai masak western food because that’s the simplest and the easiest to cook, hehehe). Tu yang balik2 aje from Geraldton, terus masak kari daging with nasi beriani sempoi sgt2 for our dinner that night. Even The Other Half pun terus setuju bila I suggest kari for dinner that night, hikhikhik….

Hari ni, I pulak teringin nak makan sate sebab semalam bila buatkan The Little Misses chicken skewers, I terus terasa nak makan sate. I memang tak pernah pandai buat the marinade for sate ni. Doesn’t matter how closely I follow the recipe, still tak dapat nak sama macam sate kat M’sia. For me, it’s always not sweet enough even though I rasa I dah letak bersudu2 gula! Maybe next time kan, I should just pejam aje mata and tonggengkan balang gula tu kat marinade tu kan, baru jadi kot, hehehehe.

And the other problem with making sate is the peanut sauce. Memang yang makan kuah kacang kat rumah ni cuma The Other Half and I. But The Other Half takkan makan anything with peanuts at dinner time sebab dia kesian kat Miss 6 yang allergic to peanuts. Dia tak nak lah nanti bila he eats the peanuts and accidentally touch or kiss Miss 6, her allergy terus flares up. Sebab Miss 6 ni can’t even touch peanuts or if someone has touched peanuts and hasn’t washed their hands properly and then touch her, she’ll straight away get a reaction.

I pulaknya suka sangat2 peanuts ni, especially in nasi lemak. Kalau I buat nasi lemak, The Other Half memang takkan makan kacang tu but I akan makan but I will make sure yang no kacang falls on the dining table or be anywhere near Miss 6 and I don’t touch Miss 6 until I have washed everything completely. Kalau I goreng kacang tu pun, I will make sure I buang minyak goreng kacang tu straight away and then wash and wipe everything as soon as I habis menggoreng. But kacang goreng is easier to handle sebab besar2 and you can see it clearly kalau ter spilled.

Unlike peanut sauce yang kadang2 tertumpah sikit kat baju or kat tangan kita and then tak perasan terus pegang Miss 6. Pernah sekali masa raya kat sini, I buat kuah kacang and someone ate it and spilled it on the dining table. We all tak perasan pun masa tu. And Miss 6 straight away duduk kat tempat tu, and the next thing we know she said her lips are tingling, her face started to become so red and blotchy and she’s itching like mad.

Anyway (punyalah jauh I melencong, hahahahaha), I decided to be creative today and substitute peanuts with cashew nuts to make the sate sauce. Mana boleh makan sate tanpa kuah kan, namanya bukan sate lah!

This was how our dinner looked like tonite.


Sate daging and ayam with nasi impit instant and sambal gajus :-).


Rupa sambal gajus tu memang sebijik macam rupa sambal kacang tanah. Rasa dia pun ada lah lebih kurang jugak. But if you were expecting  sambal kacang tanah and then makan sambal ni, you might think ‘macam ada yang tak kena aje with the taste which you can’t pinpoint’, hehehehehe.

But The Other Half was so happy with it because he can eat it freely now without having to worry about Miss 6. Sebab The Other Half ni jenis yang kalau makan, the placemat pun makan sama, tu yang dia terlebih2 risau kalau makan sambal kacang, hehehe!

And Miss 6 was so happy sebab she can finally eat sambal ‘kacang’ with sate. But baru aje rasa sikit, dah kata, “it’s hot!!!!!” Miss 11 lagilah teruk, terus minum segelas air! Apalah anak2 I tu, hahahahahaha…..


This was a photo of her when she was a year+ when we first found out she’s allergic to peanuts. This wasn’t a bad reaction, just a mild one.


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