>Shrek Saturday


We finally got to watch Shrek 4 3D at the cinema today after orang lain dah berminggu2 and berkali2 tengok that movie :-). We all ni malas nak tengok awal2 sebab the cinemas sure sesak with people. Tadi we went to the 10 o’clock show and it was quite empty which was really good. At least takdelah orang yang sibuk berborak2 and bagi commentary and takdelah mobile phones yang asik berbunyi during the movie which are my pet peeves! We really enjoyed watching it but quite sad sebab it looks like there won’t be any more Shrek sequel after this. Can’t wait to get it on dvd though so bolehlah watch it on the projector kan, hehehe.

Weekend ni is our last weekend before The Little Misses start school again on Tuesday after a 2-week break. It’s been a busy 2 weeks so tak lah terasa sangat The Little Misses keboringan duduk rumah. The first week was spent at Monkey Mia and this week was spent just relaxing at home with the occasional jaunts to the shopping malls. So far, they haven’t been driving me nuts that far up the walls. Either that or I am better at ignoring them kot, hehehe. Occasionally aje lah I’ll be yelling at them to calm down and stop making so much noise :-). With girls, it’s the noise yang membingitkan telinga not their actions yang memeningkan kepala, hehehe. But I bet, they can’t wait to go back to school to play with their own friends instead of just with each other!

And for dinner tonite, I made beef and beans nachos. The Mexicans will eat it with jalapenos chillies tapi we all makan dengan chili jeruk buatan sendiri yang tak kurang pedasnya jugak :-).



A bowl of nachos for me.


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