>Churros for afternoon tea


Last day of school holidays today and I felt baik hati, I made afternoon tea for us :-). But we had a late afternoon tea tadi so by dinner time, we were still a bit full. Ye lah kan, kat rumah ni, dinner is around 6-6.30 pm so bila afternoon tea at 4.30, memang lah akan masih kenyang at dinner time kan.

I’ve been wanting to make churros for a long time now since we went to Freo and saw Sanchurros there. But rasa macam tak berbaloi pulaknya to eat the churros there sebab harga dia for us is a bit too expensive just for a few pieces of fried dough. Harga a set of ‘churros for one’ is $8 and you only get 2-3 pieces of churros aje albeit quite long ones. I know it’s the ambience you are paying for but I’d rather make them at home sambil minum2 kopi at home. Jimat sikit duit, hehehhe…. And then, bukannya susah pulak tu buat the dough, takdelah guna exotic ingredients to justify the expensive price!

So, tadi I made my first batch of churros using the recipe form this Rockin Robin’s site. But since I takde an extra big nozzle to pipe the dough into the frying pan, I just used the small icing nozzle.The Other Half kata, my churros is the ‘french fries’ version instead of the ‘steakhouse’ version! So kurus2 and kemetot, hehehehehe…..


Normally you makan churros with chocolate dip, tak kisah lah either white or dark or milk. I made milk choc dip but The Other Half and I lagi suka makan the churros macam tu aje. But, they taste really really good! Memang tak nak berhenti makan lah tadi, hahahahaha…..


Churros ni lebih kurang jemput2 manis lah kot but very moreish because it’s crispy on the outside and very soft inside. But next time I buat, I think I’ll make it in a bigger size sebab jenuh weh nak menghabiskan 1 adunan tu using only a small nozzle to shape it :-).


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